3 top 25 teams knocked off

Interested to see if we move up in AP poll.

Florida, USC, South Carolina lost

Expect Aggies to get bounce after close loss to Clemson.

15 Michigan St. fell to unranked ASU. Plus
Utah squeaks by Northern Ill. 17-6
BC hammers Holy Cross (I should hope so) 62-14
Okie St pounds South Ala. (they should) 55-13
NW falls to Duke 21-7
FSU barely gets by Samford, yes, that Samford. 36-26
NC St. beats Ga. St 41-7
Ole Miss gives up 41 to Southern Ill. Still wins by 36, but come on, 41? 77-41
Maryland plays penalty filled game in victory of Bowling Green 45-14

So maybe we don’t break the top 25 this week but we’ll be close. Need to take care of business vs TTU. They won’t be able to stop our offense but can we stop theirs?

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