30 For 30 PSJ

So I am in bed yesterday with a common cold ( not the symptoms of Corona). Half dead to the world. Unable to move. I reach for the remote and boom at the precise second that I turn on the TV, I see that Lorenzo Charles dunk.

We can never get away from it.


We undoubtedly were the better team, but one thing should be made clear - N. C. State had an extremely talented squad, too - one that included several future NBA players. Moreover, our heartbreaking loss is only one of countless examples in sports championship game history where the better team didn’t win it all. As painful as that last second loss was, it can never take away the sheer joy that Phi Slama Jama delivered we Coog fans during our team’s glorious 3-year run.


I know - and they always show that game instead of The-Greatest-Game-Ever-Played: the one against Louisville the day before!


Only way to erase that memory for me is for us to win the National Championship now


There were a lot of stars that aligned for a very good NCST team to have a chance in that one.

  1. Playing in such an epic up and down game the day before. It was physically and emotionally draining.

  2. Having to play in such a high altitude already being tired.

  3. Clyde Drexler being called for #4 in the first half rather than shooting FTs on a terrible call.


My aunt from Seattle asked me if I have ever seen the 30 for 30… ;(

We did not play Louisville the day before We played 2 days before as did NC State

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“We did not play Louisville the day before We played 2 days before as did NC State.”

Right, you are; age and memory do not go well together, alas!


Final Four has been a Saturday/Monday format for very very long time!

I turned it off after the Louisville game

This was on ABC this weekend. When Guy V starts talking about the job being more like a crusade than a job. I start to tear up. The music they used during that scene was just incredible.

I saw ESPN playing it last night too. While they’re at it, maybe they can scrounge up a copy of the 1979 Cotton Bowl.

Yes it was heartbreaking, just like the last second shot by Michigan, but the good news is we were nationally relevant then and we are now after years of nothing!

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Meant game before rather than day but a few of you were quick to catch it.:rofl:

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