3pt Line Proposal


Would move the line back the international 3 pt distance.

(Patrick) #2

Good. Needs to happen.

Listening to CKS the other day, he was very much in favor of it.

(Dan) #3

Katz and CKS agreed it would open up lanes more if you pushed it back. Armoni has NBA range already he doesn’t camp right at the line.

The other not-as-popular discussion is 4 quarters instead of 2 halves which we have (losing to Akron) experience with. CKS is in favor of this as well. I personally Iike the 2 halves makes the game go by faster.

(Russel ) #4

I think a 4 quarter game would lessen the amount of foul calls…

(Mike Higdon) #5

I think there should be 30 minute halves and don’t foul out until 6th foul. With the 6 foul rule, Brison could have averaged another minute or two per game.


Agreed and the women’s game is already using 4 quarters.

(Gerald) #7

If we do 4 10 minute quarters and kill some of the TV timeouts I am sure the game time will be the same

(PMM) #8

What? Right now there is a foul allowed for every 8 minutes of game time. By the by, same as NBA; I.e, 6 fouls in 48 minutes.

Going to 6 fouls in 60 minutes would be a foul for every 10 minutes.

(PMM) #9

Why ?

(PMM) #10

I like it the way it is.

As to the 3 point line. I have no opinion.


Reset the play call after an offensive rebound to 24 seconds instead of 30.

(VancouverCOOG) #12

I’m in favor of moving the 3pt line; but I tend to like the 2-half game format more.


If anything commercials and game time will increase with 4 quarters vs 2 halfs.

(Ray ) #14

I’m for all these changes. Wish they’d just make the shot clock 24 seconds as well and add defensive 3 seconds so teams can’t just park their bigs in the lane

(Dan) #15

You know what I don’t like in the NBA is that new reset to 14 seconds instead of 24 on offensive rebounds. You’re cheapening the art of offensive rebounding when you do that. You should get a nice fresh shot clock when you work to get an offensive rebound and if the D doesn’t like it get a rebound.

(David) #16

If you eliminate the media timeouts in favor of two quarter breaks, it might even out. I prefer the two periods though


No way will “the media” agree to fewer timeouts. If anything, they will get more.

(Patrick) #18

One of the proposals being sent forward along with this is for the shot clock to reset to 20 after an offensive rebound in college.

(Dan) #19

I saw that after I posted, ugh we live on offensive rebounds and running the shot clock on a frustrated defense. Weak, I hope that doesn’t pass.

(Patrick) #20

Agreed, I don’t like it in the NBA and I don’t like it in college either.