4 Games Left + AAC Tourny

Cougars sit at 19-27 (7-16 in AAC play) overall and RPI ranked #211. 11 of the 19 wins come against teams ranked between 150-300. We are 4-19 against teams ranked in the top 100.

Team batting is ranked 235th in the country and team pitching is ranked 171st in the country.

At this point it doesn’t matter updating on stats. The only thing that matters is we have a .174 winning percentage against top 100 teams and 58% of our wins have come against bottom feeder programs.

This team entered the UT series with a 6-2 record. Since then we have gone 13-25. Team went 1-6 against the Big 12/SEC (who remembers the ugly OU sweep), but we did sweep Texas Southern.

Something is not right…


I don’t follow the baseball program as close as some of you, but what has gone wrong? Especially with the new practice facility not resulting in wins.
Coach wants to win and has won. But last 2 years have been rough.
Are the recruits not panning out or are the better players signing elsewhere?
Did losing our real good pitching coach a few years back make the difference?
There’s just too many talented high school baseball players in the Houston area not to be winning more.

All of this.

A lot of players on the roster were very highly rated Juco players - hoping for a Jake Scheiner or two. That hasn’t happened for the most part.

That said, look at the roster and note where at least half the players are NOT from - Texas. That says we are losing the HS recruiting battles.

Finally, pitchers that were effective in the past under Anderson (like Carter Henry, or Lael Lockhart last year) have struggled since he left. Lockhart has been effective again at Arkansas. That points to coaching.


I hope we can find the money to pay CW and hire a new HC. It is just too much to go through this for another year.

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Not impressed with Rooney at all…

Are we still lifting that dumb *ss hammer…?

We have 48 dingers on the season. Tied with Memphis and Youngstown State. Its actually our best team stat, ranked 72nd in the country.

And we looked foolish hoisting that hammer while getting curb stomped…


I agree. We need to back that up with winning games; otherwise it is just foolish to do.

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