4 interceptions

What a sad way to end your career. I think that the defense coaches from our appointments have figered out our offense. If our O line does not get a whole lot better next year, CMA will be out of a job. We seem to have a long way to go to get back to where we were. Or at least where we thought we were.

We have 8 months to next season, lots of coaches to hire and plenty to do. I’m still hopeful. There is always more work to be done. Go Coogs!

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CMA’s offense is quite different from Herman’s. Think back to the offense Rice ran when they won 10 games and their first bowl in 45 years. A lot of different looks and not as stubborn as what we run now.

Yikes- threw em right to the other team- he was running for his life-

No offense to anyone on our roster, but do you see an All American, NCAA record setting, NFL draft pick TE on our roster like Rice had? Without that we won’t have the offense Rice had

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I do see the number 1 quarterback in the nation out of high school that has great potential and potential to raise himself. We have several highly touted running backs, wide receivers, and offensive lineman starting next year. We have a coach that was a huge underdog his whole life and knows how to get potential out of players.

So no TE but I do see other players that impress me.

We might not have one of those on the roster but we do, however, have one of those on the coaching staff.

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CMA out of a job?

This just in: We can’t afford to fire him until 2020.

I don’t even know why this is a discussion already.

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Ward throwing 4 picks has nothing to do with people “figuring out our offense.”

Those were bad decisions. Period. They were influenced by the lack of protection but they’re still on Greg. People talking about firing Applewhite after first week on the job, with no coaching staff, and serious personnel problems (poor OL, no speed outside) are being kind of silly.


San Diego State leads the nation in interceptions. I could have guessed they would have had some INTs if GW was overthrowing receivers like he has been all season. He’s been hurt, so I’m not going to criticize him.

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I agree with shawnterry79 and would add to that we are only losing three offensive starters (yes, I know one of them is Ward but look at who we have coming in) and get the entire offensive line back. With another year under their belt, they’ll be fine. This was a tough loss, but I am psyched about next year!


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