4 tickets available, Section 220 $40 each

Unfortunately, my girls have soccer games at 10:00 and 12:30 and I’m the head coach for both. Was hoping for rain, but it’s not coming. Thus, I’m selling my tickets for the Texas Tech game.

4 tickets, $40 each. Section 220, Row 9. Endzone seats that straddle the center of the goal posts. Like watching a video game. I’m in midtown with tickets and they can be picked up or I can leave in Will Call at UH. I can also throw in a blue parking pass.

If interested, let me know. (I don’t make as much money cutting Tony’s hair as I used to!)


you could make some good $ being applewhitesbarber

True…There is good money to be made there.

I have two tickets as well in 221 w/ a blue pass. PM me if interested.

Can I get 2 tickets from you, please?

Sent you a PM.

2 tickets are still available.

I sent a PM


Tickets have been accounted for. Go Coogs!

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