4 to 6 inches of snow for Stillwater

(Nathan) #1

Be careful and check the weather if you are heading to Stillwater. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. They are expecting 4 - 6 inches of snow Friday night and Saturday. Maybe some freezing rain before it starts snowing so there could be a nice layer of ice under the snow.



Hopefully the team will get there early and avoid the nasty travel. We all remember what happened last time inclement weather played a factor.

…lookin’ at you Tulane…


My gosh that was nuts, 30 minutes off the plane to game time.

(Randy Randel) #4

My bet is that they’ll leave tomorrow afternoon. They left for Provo on that Thursday

(PMM) #5

That game should have been postponed !!

However, TV calls the shots.


Make sure you take allergy pills with you. Stillwater is unreal.


The forecast isn’t nearly as bad as it was a couple of days ago. I’m driving back to OKC late tonight to catch the first plane home on Saturday and the precipitation chances have dropped sharply since the Wednesday night news. I think this will be a fairly easy trip if the team is flying out this afternoon.


Update. Sleeting pretty good in OKC this morning. Looking like a nasty, but not treacherous day.

(Tom Green) #9

How far is Stillwater from OKC driving in normal conditions.

(sphinx drummond) #10

Depending on what part of OKC–anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half.