403: Catching Up w/Rowdy Harper, Previewing the Offense, & a Disappointing Practice Guest by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

(Patrick) #1

This week we talked with Cougar football alum, high school coach, and more-successful-than-us podcast host Rowdy Harper! He talked about the wins that put UH on the map for Oklahomans, Case Keenum chucking a ball at a showboating defender, and the overnight success of Run The Power.

We also broke down the offense position-by-position, from a more-experienced offensive line, to what to expect from D’Eriq King, to answering the age-old question: will this be the year of the Tight End?

And finally, in one of our most exasperated and cuss-word-heavy segments ever, we talked about the monumentally bad idea that was inviting a certain former Baylor football coach to practice. We put it at the very end to make it easy for you to skip if you’re tired of hearing us talk about this crap.

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