428: Christening the Fertitta Center in Style by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

(Patrick) #1

It was an opening night for the ages, as the Cougar basketball program finally opened its new home, with a win over Oregon. It ended up being a nervy one in the closing moments, but the Cougars led wire-to-wire over their ranked foe. Did we mention the Fertitta Center is incredible? Because it is incredible.

Plus, women’s hoops had another 1-1 week, with their home opener against Texas A&M looming. And it looks like Kendal Briles isn’t going anywhere after all.

(Patrick) #2


The Fertitta Center is fabulous. One thing that I don’t like is the situation with the scoreboards. For example, any time they use the ribbon boards for trying to get everyone cheering, the score and the time clock disappear. I know there is a time clock at each basket. In the last few seconds of the Oregon game, there was confusion in the stands around me as to what the score was. It would be nice if the scoreboard stayed on and the rest of the boards were utilized for whatever they need to show.