4th & 5 from your own 40?

Down two scores at the beginning of the 4th quarter? WTF?

Neither our players or coaches are performing even at a mediocre level. Frankly I couldn’t care less if Herman leaves.

You take a false start or delay of game there if you are going to kick so you can get a better angle. Herman is the most overrated coach in America.

I won’t go as far as you did, but I was in the stands saying that it was a bad decision. The defense had been making stops. The momentum never came back.

Actually, I was okay with going for it on 4th but for Applewhite to not draw up a better play was absolutely idiotic. Throughout the game their defense knew exactly what we were running, and we ran the same plays over and over again with no creativity, very little play-action. Pathetic!


Agree with you Drew.

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