7 college football programs that have earned a spot in the Power 5


Not in our current stadium.


Suppose the stadium was expanded to hold 100k?


Would Vanderbilt do that?


No. But they differ from UH in that they’re a small, private school who happens to be, and this is crucial, a charter member of their conference.

Asking a question like that is a version of whataboutism.

(Jason Lee) #45

You mean like “would if we expanded the stadium to 100k”. You’re just looking for stuff to argue about at this point.


I like arguing. Espcially in the offseason.

(Mike Higdon) #47

We would have 50-60K empty seats for most games.


Yeah, I wouldn’t call it arguing


Ding Ding Ding Ding
Jason and I agree on something!!!


If we were in the SEC, we would expand our stadium to about 60,000, and we would sell out most home games if we were playing atm, Ark, Ala, or LSU; we would have crowds of around 45,000 or 50,000 if we were playing others from the conference - just like most of the other members of that conference. Just my opinion!

The Cougars would do just fine!

(PMM) #51

Maybe…especially if the choice was going to the football game as opposed to looking for cute sheep !


SEC and B1G schools travel well. They will take 20-30k to an away game, so by some miraculous chance we are in the SEC, TDECU will have to expand to at least 70k. If we’re in the B12, 60k would be enough. Baylor’s stadium is 45k and I think TCU is 55K.

On the other hand, there are thousands of UT, Baylor, Tech alumni that live in Houston so coming to the game would be easy for them so building it to 70k might be ideal. Of course the PAC12 will only require 60k.

More than likely we will not fill up 70k seats at TDECU playing UAB but that’s when you invite schools, youth football leagues, boy scouts, etc. with free tickets to fill in the seats. I’m sure Pez know what to do.


Baylor invite soldiers from Killeen Fort Hood to help them…



You might find comments about UH on the MWC forum interesting.


I figured they would be negative but quite the contrary.

(Craig Wiggins) #57

We would have 100,000 fans in section 12x just to punch you in your face.:nerd_face:

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A few years ago, when the American seemed to be an iffy proposition, lot of folks in the MWC wanted to snatch Houston up.


At least two posters here were big on backing out of joining the big east and joining the mwc instead. Hindsight is 20/20 because that would have been a disastrous decision.

(Patrick) #60

Agreed. Admin made the right decision at the time.