7 college football programs that have earned a spot in the Power 5


I wonder how long many of the CUSA and MAC teams can survive with small TV revenues and less that 20K at the games…

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Basically depends on how long they can keep scheduling body-bag games against the P5. Most of them make a majority of their entire year’s budget off those games.

Otherwise, I have a feeling we’ll start seeing more schools drop down in the next decade


I think in the next 10 years we will see many drop totally or to the next level. Even with the body bag games, that doesn’t make up for the shortfall in travel alone. I think the 65 teams in D1 you hear a lot about will come to be naturally.


We are definitely entering the time for nut cuttin


How colorful.


No problem. I understand some folks’ worries about the state of the program and the CFB political landscape. But as a whole, I remain a proud alumnus and would rather spread optimism than wallow in misery. WE are UH and, we will forever be worth it!


There’s empirical evidence but it’s from our time in the SWC when the astrodome was filled with UT or aTm fans. I have no idea what our ratings were like back in the dark ages.


We also have way more supporters in 2019, and will gain more in the future. How many do we graduate on a yearly basis? :thinking:

We’ll be fine.


Almost the entire SEC is in the top 30.