790 PGS - Tom Herman Talked About UH's Big Win Over Tulsa

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Tom Herman Talked About UH’s Big Win Over Tulsa

University of Houston head football coach Tom Herman joined Lance and Matt and discussed the team’s close call against Tulsa, their upcoming matchup against SMU, how his staff and players prepare for games, and coach also discussed some of his favorite rap artists.

I liked his comment about the crowd moaning and throwing out a few boo’s. I had an Aggie co-worker try to tell me that some of the luster was off Herman after losing to Navy. Um, yeah, 19-2 is not worthy of luster…got it.

He did seem annoyed with the fact that there were some gripes and boos coming from the crowd that he could hear. Mentioned that we could always go back to how it was 2 years ago, but then shook it off and said that fans are always fickle.

Sorry, I am at work and can’t listen to the cast just yet. What was Herman mad that the fans were booing at?

Wouldn’t say he was mad, just a little annoyed about the fact that fans were booing or griping because the Tulsa game was close.

Ah okay, thank you. I don’t really remember hearing boos while I was at the game. Only on the Chance Allen hit I remember hearing boos, but I guess it wasn’t coming from my section then.

I don’t either. Most of the grumbling would most likely would have been at the end of the first half when UH got the ball and quickly ran 3 plays (less than 1 minute) and gave the ball back to Tulsa so they could tie it up at halftime. I am sure it has been discussed but I was shocked when Major did not try to go over the top…watching from the stands, their safeties were no more than 10 yards off the LOS with less than 2 mins left in the half – no respect for the long ball.

I was there for every second of the game, and the only time I heard booing, it was directed at the refs (Terrell Williams ejection and no call on targeting Chance Allen). However, I can admit I was extremely frustrated with the play calling. I had forgotten about that series right before the half, but we did the exact same thing late in the game that resulted in a punt. That was the drive where Davis stripped the ball and Egbule returned it for a TD. But the game was tied and we ran 3 times and punted giving them an eternity to go down and win the game. Given Ward’s passing and scrambling successes the entire game, I can’t come up with a single good reason we would run up the middle 3 times in that situation. Applewhite sometimes seems obsessed with establishing an inside run game when it clearly is not there. I just don’t get it. Sometimes you just have to ditch the game plan and go with what has worked.

On that note, did we run a single jet sweep with D’Eriq King this week? We were having decent success running on the outside, but seems like we didn’t use King much at all. Not sure I understand that.

  1. I don’t like Ward running inside / between the tackles by design unless it is a delayed QB draw.

  2. With King, it seems like the play is either the jet sweep or quick WR screen (Texas St TD) and the former does not seem to be working anymore. I want Major to pull a Dana (I think) @ Miss St and add a wrinkle to the WR screens UH runs all game. In the Miss St game, I recall Keenum pump faking on the screen and throwing downfield to WR that was usually the blocker out in front of the smaller WR. With the same plays being called, I keep thinking it is setting something up (throw down the seam to TE, reverse from the Jet sweep, etc.)

I am not going to complain (too much) about 19-2 and the #16 yardage offense / #11 scoring team but the defense has regressed over the last two games (all the way down to #10 in total defense!!! what are we going to do!!!) and the offense is very methodical.

As long as UH wins the TO battle each game, it should be able to go #1-0 every week until Louisville. I think we are spoiled by the past offenses of Briles, Dana, Kliff, Meachum…

He was bothered by the fans being upset with the way the first half ended? Seriously? That just means people were paying attention, because it was terrible.

Like he says, you have to win to get nice things, and that wasn’t happening right then. And for the record, that stretch of play looked A LOT like two years ago.

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I am not sure he said when he heard boos but that was my speculation of when he might have heard them. Not sure…I sit on the visitor side so there may have been some haughty boos between martini sips from the big money donors behind him

I was there for the whole game. Section 228. The only Boos were against the refs.


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