8 Games Left

Rice sources indicate they will be moving on from their coach at the end of this season. He would have two years remaining on his contract.

Thank you to the seniors who played their final home games this weekend. A lot of great wins in that bunch. Currently, UH is 17-26 (5-15 conference) overall and a RPI of 209 out of 293. Just one spot ahead of Portland. Team is hitting .245 and team ERA is 5.40. I fear our record could be worse had we played the ECU series. With two series remaining against last place Memphis and average UCF, it is still an uphill battle to finish close to .500. My prediction is winning 5 out of the next 8 to finish at 22-29. This could potentially be the 2nd worst year of cougar baseball in the last 25 seasons. 2012 finished with a record of 18-35-1 (Whitting’s second year).

Anything is possible in the tournament but not sure we have the pitching depth to compete in a long tournament. Facing a ECU, Tulane or WSU to begin will be tough.

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glad its mercifully almost over


Dead in the water. Disappointing to say the least.

Have heard the same. Bragga is gonzo

One of most disappointing seasons I can remember.
I like coach but there absolutely needs some changes to be made.
Never dreamed we could get this bad this fast.

In the RPI’s, ECU has been in the top 20, 12 of 13 weeks, 5 of those in the top 10. Most likely, we would have 4 more losses had we played the ECU series, but we probably would not be in the embarrassing position of talking about our sub-200 RPI. Not that an RPI in the 190’s is much better.
ECU benefitted from the series being postponed. As of now, their RPI is 15 so they have a good chance of hosting a regional. Had our series been played, they might be looking at being a #2 seed at someone else’s regional instead. Some of their fans were vocally obnoxious when the series was postponed. If they were smart, they would have been silently grateful, while hoping that the series would be cancelled and not rescheduled.

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For those in the know, is there any reason to believe we are going to be drastically better next year if we keep the status quo? Regardless, head coach should be on the hot seat year next year right or do we need a multi year rebuild like DH in football?

I see nothing to indicate things will be better. With this trend I could see lots of players transferring. This was supposed to be the number 1 juco transfer class so the talent should have been there.

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I’m not claiming to be in the know but I think the previous poster is correct. A lot will have to do with who is transferring/drafted and what our incoming recruiting class looks like. I think the roster has some great building blocks that benefited with the experience this year, but I do not see a 180 type transformation next year. The facilities are really the only excitement surrounding the program right now. There is a not this huge block of core players that make people say " I want to play with those guys" right now. Its more of a stop for juco, transfers, etc. looking for a place to land and further their career. And with that you get mixed results pulling guys from different rosters from around the country. There is not a sense of a team or university atmosphere with that approach in my opinion. I would rather have young local talent that wants to play for the university and not themselves.

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42% of our current roster is from outside Texas. It seems we find these guys from all corners of the country. My question is… are we boots on the ground recruiting these guys or just looking at stats and videos in the transfer portal.

18% of the roster is from the greater Houston/Harris County area.

The very good team from 2015 was 42% from the Houston area.

Oh please let it end.


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