#8 UNC goes down


UH has a chance to move up in the polls. UNC has 5 losses.


And they got to play Duke twice.

If we get the job done we will go up some more

(Nick K) #3

watched that game, coogs are better than no4 VA, our defense is better and so is our offense…

(zx504) #4

I hope we get the chance to prove it.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

A chance to move up but we also are playing UConn and Tulane. We probably need to have teams just behind us like Marquette and Michigan State to lose games as well for them not to skip past us.


Kentucky also hosts #1 Tennessee later this week. So if UH takes care of business, a #7 ranking is not out of the question.

(Eric) #7

The number 8 team is supposed to lose to the number 4 team. I doubt this affects their ranking much. Nor should it. This isn’t football.


They still going to drop around 3 spots down because it was a loss, plus they were at home. If it was at Virginia, I could see them sliding no further than #10. But since it was a home loss, I could see them at #11 or #12 if they don’t suffer another loss this week.


Once you break into the top 8 in the rankings, you’re talking about ELITE company. Teams that get mentioned as contenders for the Natty Championship.

(Jae Palms) #10

If they don’t get beaten by a 10-16th ranked seed. Anything is possible with the March bracket, upsets are imminent. Sure, some are more elite than others, though it’s the more mentally and physically stronger team that will go unless refs throw the game. Though that’s more in the NFL than College hoops. Hope the Cougs get into top 5 territory by the end of the season, hopefully not down.


The other path to a #1 seed is when all the teams above you LOSE.

(Thomas) #12

Not sure that any loss or losses at this time of the year have any great affect on teams moving up or down. The Coogs could go undefeated the rest of the way, beat Cincy at the end of the season, beat them again in the tournament, and not really make any substantial move up the ladder in terms of seeding.


There is all that Natty talk again, please proceed on Sir with your conversation!

(Tom Green) #14

Important SEC game tonight with LSU at Kentucky. Would think an LSU win would make our W over Tiger’s look even better.


Wre need LSU in top 10 too…

(Tom Green) #16

Could one of Admin maybe change title to this thread to Week Feb 11-17 games so we can comment on others gms on same thread. I know pray10 is sick, who usually starts it.

(Tom Green) #17

Yes. It’s definitely their biggest game of the year!


The beauty of basketball is that they actually have to play us and we can beat anyone. I
am ok with a three seed or better. I have not seen anybody we cannot beat. Bring on Duke!

(John m Bevil) #19

I watched the Duke/UVA game and agree, we could hang with Virginia but it could be Duke is that good and made them look bad.

(Ben B) #20

No one has beaten UVA except for Duke this year. I think that says a lot about both teams.