94.1 CMA interview

(Patrick) #1


Major seems to be a forthright, honest guy.
However, he is not a dynamic speaker, so I see why some fans are not motivated by his presence. The thing I like about him most, is how much he puts into the job, and how much he wants the team to win.

(Dan) #3

Major was at the SMU basketball game tonight with Pez in Dallas.


I’ll take a soft spoken coach who carries a big stick any day of the week.

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

Well he better find himself a big stick. Because he doesn’t have a particularly big one yet.

(Butch) #6

If Big Ed isn’t a big stick then I don’t know what is…and he also has some big sticks to work with on offense, including a pair of quarterbacks named King and Smith…


Briles will be the big stick.

(Cary) #8

“We left some meat on the bone last year.” He said that a couple of times. My guess is that is the theme going into Spring ball. King is the expected starter. He is concerned about WR.

(Patrick) #9

Finally getting to listen to the whole thing; here’s a rundown:

  • Got some good talent returning, Ed Oliver obviously. Losing a couple of guys on the back end and at receiver.
  • King is the starter, need to build depth behind him.
  • Was injured his freshman year in the fall and only had 12 practices, came in, moved to WR, got injured again, was limited in the spring and leading into the season, came back as WR and was then thrown into the fray at QB.
  • AAC has a lot of parity so if you don’t show up, you’ll get beat. Going to Lubbock will be tough, Arizona with Tate will be a tough test, and Rice is a rivalry game so you have to show up.
  • Becoming a head coach after being OC was a big change. As OC, you get feedback from the head coach on the decisions you make. As head coach, you no longer have that feedback so it takes a little time to get comfortable. Feels more comfortable after going through a full year.
  • Tempo on offense will be very fast
  • Looking for competitiveness in team this spring. Wants consistency, toughness, and a culture to develop.
  • Oliver is healthy. Wants to move him around this year in order to create mismatches and not allow the offense to know where he’ll be at all times.
  • Need to develop other guys behind him since Ed will probably be leaving after this year.
  • Major’s known Kendall a long time, but never worked with him. Spent a lot of time with him as did the university and legal team. Talked to a lot of people. As far as offense and scheme, Kendall’s the best and he wants to hire the best. Got to know Kendall a lot over the last couple of months and he’s a good parent, recruiter, husband, and person.
  • Kendall and Clem are excited to be back in Houston and want to succeed. Sometimes you get second chances in life and you don’t take them for granted and these guys have done everything and more to not waste the opportunity.
  • If things come out in regards to Kendall, there are disclosure agreements and things in place if it comes to that (Note: Creighton has been very vocal on twitter in regards to his being against the hire which is the reason for the questioning. He does thank CMA for being forthright, honest, and answering the questions).
  • Thinks that speed at WR will be in the upper half/quarter of the country. Experience isn’t there though after losing Bonner and Dunbar. Need to find consistency and dependability.
  • Has talked to Greg Ward and has joked around a bit on how Elandon Roberts won a Super Bowl his first year and now Ward has won a Super Bowl his first year. Ward hasn’t gotten his ring yet, but was in town with Bowser, E-Rob, and William Jackson recently working out. Proud of all of them.
  • Doesn’t matter how old you are, matters how good you are. We’ve got positions that need to develop. Just because they have a SR next to their name doesn’t mean that they have talent. Have some older guys that need to develop.
  • Left some meat on the bone last year (3-4 games) that should have been won if we execute and play well
  • Got to produce. Some young guys want that opportunity.
  • Normal attrition after Herman left, but now the numbers are filling in and the competition will be better. Need some of these older guys to perform.


Thanks for posting. That was a pretty good listen.