A.J. Blum goes from Westfield assistant to UH assistant

A.J. Blum goes from Westfield assistant to UH assistant
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Blum worked with the defensive line at Westfield and developed three All-Americans in five years: Desmond Jackson (Texas), Hardreck Walker (Texas A&M) and Ed Oliver (UH). Keondre Cobrun is a junior at Westfield and could join the list. Blum will team up again with Oliver, who as a freshman earned multiple All-American honors for the Cougars.


I really like this guy. I hope good things come his way.

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He seems very excited to be apart of the UH coaching staff. He used to attend UH games and was a big fan. Sounds like a ‘dream job’ for him right now. He’s going to get the most out of the D-Line.

Thank you for posting Patrick.
That is the way it should be with a natural progression. It is great to have him and for what it says to our local area. Just think about the message it sends to local Coaches and players too.

Bad hire if you ask me! I gash his defense last year. His d-line wasn’t coach up at all and my o-line was below average. Hopefully we get a good DC to help him out!

What HS do you coach at?

Well if I told you the school you would know who I’m then.

Sounds like if I tell you I’ll have to kill you to me. Sure pal.

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Based on interview, he has had 7 of his past players start as freshman in college. Ed sure thinks highly of him.


That is why you guys really don’t know football from a coach prospects! Westfield is load with D-1 athletes! What I looking at from being a coach was I saw a d-line that didn’t play with good technique at all and this also include when Ed was there as well. Yes Ed was a beast I could coach and him say hey go play ball Ed. Now with that said watching Ed play with UH I saw a kids that was way better than what he was in high school because you could see him using his technique that coach G taught him.

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Did you apply for a job?


Well, lets just hope you’re coaching your kiddos great D1 football technique.

No I didn’t apply for the job. I have a great job as the OC at the school I work at and I did my time at UH as a player so I’m good and just a UH fan! Who love where our program is right now


Thanks for your time with the program and your insight. The Blum hire worries me as I hope we didn’t do it just to try to please Big Ed and try to get Coburn to come next year. Hopefully, the guy can coach better than what you’re saying. Coach Giles will be tough to replace.

Coaching staff pushed this out today:

Congratulations Coach Blum

Blum makes the 4th former Mustang coach, on a growing list, to have moved on to the College & NFL coaching ranks in the last 8 years. Joining Justin Outten (2016 – Atlanta Falcons), Corby Meekins (2015 – Univ of Houston, now Univ of Texas), and Chris Morgan (2009 – Oakland Raiders, now Atlanta Falcons). Morgan was also part of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 48 championship coaching staff.

Well, last time UH hired someone to get a big time recruit, it didn’t work out so well with Jackson Jeffcoat. Hopefully, Mr Blum proves us wrong, and becomes a solid hired.

Wasn’t Meekins hired on to “secure” Ed Oliver?

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Yes - but no one was questioning his coaching skills like they are with coach Blum or coach Jeffcoat back in the day, under Summie. Both, DL hires to reel in high end recruits. Coach Meekins had been successful winning at Westfield as a HC.

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