A Looming Boom?

(Lincoln Scott) #21

Have you seen him play in person yet?


Technically the 1st name he threw out was dejon

He said he wanted dejon to do it this year (so there is a chance that still happens)

Then later said “one day Caleb will do it, Nate will do it and dejon will do it”

I was more encourage by him adding Mills than the specific order

(Randy Randel) #23

You’re correct that he did mention Dejon when talking about Armoni’s decision. However, Dejon won’t be doing this year because the deadline was Thursday to register according to Armoni’s interview.

(Randy Randel) #24

Lincoln, were you asking me about having seen Caleb play? I did not attend any practices this year but I made it a point to try to get to FC an hour before game time to watch the warmups. He really looks smooth with both is handling of the ball as well as his shot.


Practice… Yes.

(Butch) #26

We did the same thing Randy and were impressed the way Caleb handled the ball and shot from the outside. Of course I bet we will get to see a lot more next season. When coach called him the best scorer he has signed here then he has to be special. Anyone remember a guy named Gray?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #27

Mills will be the ideal 6th man for next season and alternative PG.

(Butch) #28

Agree, the young man will push for lots of playing time…and could be instant offense off the bench…

(Chris) #29

This is not about a looming boom but what about recruiting A list African players? Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon ought to be a great ambassador for us. This is true for Nigeria but really for the entire African continent.

(Butch) #30

Most decent African players are scouted these days…they don’t just get out of cabs and say they want to play for you…
The world of recruiting has changed so much over the years. Guys like Elvin Hayes, Clyde Drexler and others were not recruited heavily back in the day. They literally fell in our lap.
But now there are so many AAU teams, so many scouts, etc. that getting a unnoticed football or hoops player is virtually impossible…


Hayes and Drexler did not fall into our laps. While not widely recruited, (Drexler in particular) they were both definitely recruiting targets of Guy V. Olajuwon on the other hand…

(Chris) #32

Then Akeem’s story was not as you put it. The “African” potential was not considered then like it is today. We ought to do a better job. Why some Schools are getting these players and not us? Emmanuel Ugboh is an interesting prospect:

Could he fit CKS system? We sure need size. That was crystal clear against Kentucky and others.
Surely the scouting has greatly changed with social media. I can’t remember Elvin Hayes or Clyde Drexler not being heavily recruited. It also speaks volume about our great player’s pool. A P5 entrance will almost guarantee another National promminant program.

(Butch) #33

Maybe you had better study your history. Elvin was on his way to Grambling when a TSU coach told Guy about him. Harvey Pate visited Rayville and loved what he saw and we offered him a scholarship. Elvin had thought about going to Wisconsin because I believe is his sister was there. He inked here eventually over Grambling and made TSU happy!
Hayes was not the star recruit on that team…Don Chaney was. The Duck was a high school All-America in Louisana.
The only reason we recruited Drexler was because his best friend was Michael Young. Drexler, who played at Sterling, had no offers at the time while Young was a prep All-America at Jack Yates.
Young talked UH assistant coach Donnie Schverak into watching Sterling. Schverak loved what he saw and went to Lewis. Lewis then watched Drexler play and soon offered him.
BTW, after we offered Drexler then got an offer from Texas Tech. Gerald Myers figured if Guy wanted him he must be pretty good…LOL
Not sure where Drexler would have signed, but I am pretty sure it was Sam Houston State…

(Butch) #34

And how do you know we don’t do a good job of recruiting foreigners? Recruiting the really good players there is just as hard as it is here…do you think we try to recruit five star players in the USA? Getting them to come is easier said that done.
But after what coach Sampson has done here in five years I expect we are opening more and more recruits eyes…no matter where they live


Believe what you want…some truth there but not the whole story.

(Butch) #36

Were you involved with the recruiting back in those days? I knew our coaching staff pretty well plus was close to David Bunce from Conroe who signed with our Coogs. He went to Fonde to play one Sunday and came back in awe of Drexler. I had now idea who Drexler was at the time
To be honest, Donnie had bragged about Drexler to me, but I always thought my buddy tended to exaggerate a bit when it came to UH recruits.
Believe what you want, but feel free to address your version LOL


Not going to get into a pissing contest with you. VERY close with the Lewis family since the mid 60’s. You have your truths, I have mine. No further comments here on the subject.

(Randy Randel) #38

Same story I heard from Donnie. Remember that they received a letter from a backer that said signing Clyde was a wasted scholarship

(Butch) #39

Whatever, but be man enough to at least tell your story or hush about mine. I stand by my word…if you don’t like it sir then don’t read it. But if you are calling me a liar, or telling partial truths, I invite you to enlighten all of us…


I read the story on Elvin… we weren’t really after Elvin like that, the more touted one was don Chaney…

He was technically recruited by TSU coach who was afraid of him going to grambling and tried to get a bigger school to pick him up (since he didn’t want to go to TSU)… so he talked coach into looking at him