A Looming Boom?

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I am not Spanish.


I hope that whenever this boom happens, another thread is started so we can separate it from what may or may not have happened in the 60’s.


Crazy to think in today’s day and age Guy probably would’ve been fired, nobody is given any time these days


They both wore an onion on their belt when they watched elvin hayes play… which was the style at the time…


You got to get up pretty early in the morning to get a simpson’s quote past me…

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Dude! I remember it like it was yesterday. His head was on the chopping block. If there was social media back then, he would have been fired period! So sad, yet very true!


Hey…mock us all you like…it’s actually good stuff. Especially the Simpson’s reference…still etched in my memory. :sunglasses:

A couple of thoughts…

Take the ribbing in good grace when you are 70+… God willing you will still be around to promote and follow the Coogs

We were the proud 500+ that showed up for the infamous Louisville FB game in the dark days

We contributed when there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only hoping that our sons and daughters would someday realize what we were so proud of having graduated from UH.

Seriously, I appreciate the jabs…probably deserved for hijacking the thread. But never forget the history and the adversities all of us have overcome that have made and continue to make our University what it is today.

Go Coogs!!!


Great memories of watching Rob.

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Great memories of watching Cadillac Anderson…


INDEED! I remember one game against uta, when we were playing in Austin, I was sitting in front of a group of whorn fans who were their usual obnoxious selves. The whorns made a notable play, and they were sounding off pretty good, complete with verbal jabs made at me personally. I responded by telling them to just wait a bit and Rob would “show them what he could do.”

He did - and my whorn antagonists grew very quiet!


low it isn’t a matter of different truths. Butch was the Daily Cougar sports reporter and traveled with the team. During the time period of recruiting Butch was always really close to the real stuff.


Beautiful! I bet it was a wonderful sight silencing the Hornfans up in Austin!!!


I think I actually answered the whornfans, when they made noises about their player, by saying something like - “Just wait, Rob will SHOW you how that is done.” And, a few minutes later, he did just that!

The whorns never said much after that! And yes, it was “beautiful”; I enjoyed that very much! I don’t remember the final score, but we ended up stomping them!


On Drexler, I remember his first game in Austin driving the baseline and the subsequent tomahawk slam in LaSalle Thompson’s face. I looked at my dad and said ‘we got us a basketball team!’

As a young child I went to the games (UCLA included) and have some recollection of them. My first ‘hero’ was Louis Dunbar.

Before a game in Hofheinz, I told my grandmother (Born in Louisiana) that Dunbar was my favorite player. This was during pregame warmups.

She proceeded to walk down the aisle, then to the access area to the court, and literally walked up to Dunbar who was in line in pregame warmups and asked him for his autograph to give to her grandson.

Great memories.

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I remember Drexler as a freshman driving the lane and taking to the air just inside the free throw line and jamming over A&M’s 6-11 Rudy Woods at the Hof…the guy sitting next to me got so excited he gave me a big elbow and something to the effect of…“Wow can you believe that? That kid is going to be very special.”
The guy with the elbow was named Jerry West. I was in awe the rest of the game LOL…I think he was scouting for the Lakers at the time…should of gotten his autograph…

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Are we in the mix for Aku


we are, interview from 2 days ago.

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Some site doesn’t have us listed. Another says he’s a lock for ATM. If I were Kellen I would have every computer executive alum in Houston hitting his twitter.

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I think the young man would fit right in to coach Sampson’s system and if he continues to improve I can see him playing lots of minutes…fingers crossed…
And btw, I bet if we can get Hakeem to talk to him it would help…

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I think that would be an NCAA violation