A Lot of Seniors

Looking over the roster, this team is built to compete this year. The question is, with 22 seniors, will we continue to bring in senior transfers, or take a step back to rebuild with a large freshman recruiting class.

22 is a year. There iare probably 20 Juniors, 20 Sophomors, etc.

I think we can only offer 20 scholies this class so im guessing we will continue getting Sr Transfers and coach the classes up.

Yeah, I think CMA needs a couple more years before we aren’t too dependent on transfers.

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The issue is that it can become systemic. Each senior transfer takes away 1 of the 25 ships for the year. If you rely too heavily every year, you will have to continue it.

I’m not saying it’s the wrong approach. Just saying it’s a tough thing to balance if we don’t want to do it long term.

I don’t think we’ll have as many as 6 graduate transfers, plus Chambers. And it’s not like we’re just getting transfers, all of them are talented from big schools from positions we needed veteran depth. I think CMA may go the juco route more in 2019 as they have have 3 of them already. And yes, UH will have around a class of 20 in '19.


I have no problem with this. CMA’s first class will be Juniors or red shirt Sophomores. Next season is bright if King decides to come back, watch out!

If King doesn’t come back, it’s because someone beat him out for the starting position. Not because he has a shot at getting drafted by the NFL.

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You’re thinking too logical. We see players leave early every year (not just Coogs) with the idea that they will get drafted. King could very well have the same thought process.

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