A&M focusing on Houston with purchase of land near TMC

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Hopefully there’s some “you scratch our back, we’ll scratch your back” in this deal so that our medical school can get off the ground.

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The two land deals, Whitmire said, are “apples and oranges.” Not discussing the land purchase during the legislative session did not upset Whitmire because A&M had a plan for how it would use the property and because he was alerted in advance of the announcement, he said.

“It doesn’t bother me that I hadn’t heard about it in Austin last spring, because when I did hear about it, there were no holes in it,” he said.

UH has expressed interest in opening a medical school to provide primary care to underserved pockets of Houston, including in the neighborhoods around its southeast Houston campus.

UH spokesman Mike Rosen said in an email that a growing A&M presence would have “no impact” on UH’s ambitions to create a medical school because of the university’s goal to target community health, primary care and mental health services to underserved communities.