A sickening loss


This was a total failure by our coaching staff.

(Katie) #2

Can we fire Major now? Please.

(shharper01) #3

OMG! worst half since when?

(Khanh) #4

Even if we lost we used to lose with style after really trying to win. We’re not even trying to win now.


The more I watch this team play, the more I don’t like MA at the helm. The offense is a shell of its former self. MA should be on notice starting NEXT YEAR!


Applewhite has no energy. How could he motivate anyone???


Applewhite has no idea what he’s doing.


I’m thinking starting now.

(Brad) #9

Sickening, pathetic. Our offense is hot garbage.


I’ll be there Thursday night, but a lot others won’t make the effort after this gut wrenching loss.

(Brad) #11

Probably we’ll have 10,000 for hards for an embarrassing showing on national tv


It was just like the SMU game from last year


I thought it was like SDSU.


Better point.

(shharper01) #15

Yes, I thought the outcome was like SDSU but the Aztecs were a much better team.

(VancouverCOOG) #16

I agree.


That we seem more resigned than angry as a fan base is an indication that losing Herman punctured a big balloon, let all the air out.


In the Chronicle today Duarte quoted Applewhite “We did not come ready to play, That’s on me.” Hmmm seems we have heard this line before from Levine??

(Khanh) #19

There’s something wrong with a coach who uses “uhh” and “you know” constantly in the sentences as though they’re conjunctions.

(Mark) #20

And Bill O’Brien too.