AAC 2019/20

It looks like we’re paying the price for playing our best ball in conference.

I should reword it. We (AAC minus WSU) played our worst ball OOC and you can’t do that. It takes the whole conference down.

Additionally, it appears our highest ranked preseason team was also our most overrated. Bad luck right there.

Tulsa is legit. Cincy is legit. UH, WSU. All good enough to make the tourney. Probably Memphis too. But the early season (Tulsa) is bringing us all down with each sporadic loss.

If Tulsa wins the conference it might, ironically, be their early season that limited our spots in the 64.

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Tulsa ain’t winning the conference.

Book it !


Who do they have left to prove it to?

The only road games Tulsa has left against the top five AAC teams is here and at Wichita. IMO they have the easiest schedule. These guys are riding high in a year the conference is probably not as good as advertised . We have to win all our home games to have a shot


You are correct. Some how, they only play Cincy and Memphis 1 time each this year.

Wonder how they managed to pull that off !

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Every team has 4 teams they only play once. That’s just how it landed for them this year in that Cincy n Memphis are only schd once.
Coogs not as fortunate in that all top pre-season pick teams are schd twice-- Memp, Cincy, WSU.
Plus u have SMU, Tulsa twice so difficult to say the least.

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We have a tough road but we’re backloaded in our favor with the tough teams at home last. But we still have to win more than Tulsa.

There are multiple bracket projections with 4 AAC teams in. We just need that right combination of wins/losses. Cincy and Tulsa winning this weekend was bad for getting a high AAC seed, good for getting more teams in.

We got the rug pulled under us with Armoni and no one is going to argue Grimes has come close to filling that void, save for a few games. Next season we have some serious recruits coming in. If we can go 6-3 to finish AAC we’ll make the tournament. That’s my only goal now. Just keep the tournament making streak going. We are way too inconsistent offensively to get to the sweet 16 again and it’s February that’s not changing.

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They have to beat us at home.

Somebody needs to look at the tie breaker scenarios.

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Yea, that could actually happen. And if we don’t find a scorer or two it will.

we need to set some screens for out shooters instead of just trying to let them get themselves free against Tulsa. Also wish Grimes would start being more aggressive at shooting 3’s. He has good range and in pre game practice is very good at draining them.

Tulsa has Ws over UH, Memphis and Wichita St (all at home). Their final stretch is easier than UH’s (those final 6 games!!!) but their best AAC road win so far is @ UConn (? – only other options are @ Tulane and @ ECU). They got steamrolled @ Cincy. They may only lose 3 more (SMU, @ UH and @ WSU) and that should be good enough to take the AAC reg season crown or come close to it unless @ UCF, @ USF and @ Temple prove harder than they seem on paper. With this season, you never know. It will be fun to watch. Would be glad to see the Coogs get on a hot streak and navigate their difficult schedule down the stretch.

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I think it will take at least a 14-4 conference record to win regular season title.

It’s actually better to play more games against good teams in conference. Winning the conference regular season title is nice, but making the tourney/seeding are more important.

I can agree with that, as long as they win the majority of gms left. Like to see them go 7-2 to close it out or worse case 6-3 . Then win a couple of Conf Tourney gms.

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I think the regular season title means more. These conference tournaments are nothing more than a money grab !!


I agree and as balanced as the league there are no guarantees in the tourney. I like to win both the regular season!
That said I don’t think it’s good for Tulsa to win the title. This is a team that lost to UT Arlington by 14 points!
Of course our resume isn’t much better with home losses to OSU and BYU.


Good stuff in the AAC tonight!

uconn @ Tulsa and Cincinnati @ Wichita State about to tip off…on ESPN2 and ESPN, respectively.

Tulane at Kick Ass U a little later…on ESPNU.

Even UCF @ ECU found its way onto ESPN’s networks (ESPN3). Tons of airtime for the conference this season. That’s a good thing!!!


At the half on all three early games…interesting…all home teams are down…

UCF 27 @ECU 24
Cincinnati 41 @Wichita State 35
uconn 31 @Tulsa 29

In other AAC news…