AAC athletic directors approve 2021 schedule structure:

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That’s interesting.

I wonder if we’ll still be able to pull over the complete three game Rice series under this structure.

If so, then will it be the current structure of home-away-neutral throughout the season, or will it be a straight three day series somewhere?

I remember that game 3 always being played at Constellation late in the season, but that may not be possible to pull off under this structure.

They could do what Clemson/South Carolina does and knock it out in one weekend.

Friday-@ UH
Saturday-@ Rice
Sunday- Constellation Field

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I just checked. CUSA is only playing in conference games this season. So we won’t be playing Rice at all.

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That’s not true. La Tech has released their 2021 schedule and they are playing a full schedule (NC series against a bunch of teams including Arkansas, Ole Miss and Tulane).

C-USA is playing out of conference. They play Texas States this year.

UH plays at Texas State in March.

March 12th, 13th, 14th.

21 OOC games to go!

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