AAC Attendance Update

(Patrick) #1

(Eric Prado) #2

I have a very hard time believing USF has had anywhere near that many fans at a ball game.


ECU is located in Greenville N.C. a city of approximately 80,00 and a GMSA of approx. 180,000. It is the 10th largest city in North Carolina. A small town with a university of 30,000 is generally dominated by that university and during the game there is nothing else to do in town.

(KFD) #4

The closet city is Raleigh and that is 90 miles away.
The closest NFL team is 250 miles away.
Not a lot going on in a 60 mile radius.


So we are averaging more than the Rob held. i will take it. Hopefully we finish strong and the fans beegin to come back next season. Let’s have a great showing vs Navy!

(Kyle) #6

Damn you 11 AM kickoffs!!!

(Cristian) #7

Is that average attendance or week 10? Despite us being 2k behind 2nd and 3rd thats not bad werent we averaging 30k last 2 years. Progress (slowly but surely)


Based on all the empty seats around my group so far this year, we are thinking there will be opportunity to upgrade our seats next season to club level.


These are tickets sold not butts in seats, right?


I hope we do have a good showing for Navy. I believe ABC / ESPN have four games that are TBA as far as time and three of them are also TBA as far as TV network. Virginia Tech / Virginia is TBA time but is slotted into ESPN network for TV. Our Navy game, Miami / Pitt and USF / UCF are TBA as for Time and TV. So we are at the mercy of ABC / ESPN as far as time slot. I wouldn’t think they would have Miami / Pitt at 11:00.

Corrected my typo today 11/8.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Not only tickets sold, but tickets given away. It’s how we show 29k attendance for a game in which most of the stands were more than half empty. Tickets sold, student allotment, visiting team allotment, band, guests, giveaways, etc. The worse college football attendance gets, the easier it is to tell the disparity between “attendance” and “actual attendance.”


I hope if god does show up for the Navy game, he’s a Coog fan. If god is a Navy fan, then we’re in deep do-do.


If god is a Navy man, we have nothing to worry about. Now if God is a Navy man, we have trouble.


Figures. I wish they’d just report the number that shows up.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #15

If God shows up to the Navy game, I’ll have more room to stretch out in the stands with all the rest of the heathens.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #16

Suggested helmets for the Navy game:

(A.R. ) #17

Was there anything besides cold weather, team records, and normal city challenges that caused the cinci attendance to be so low last night? I turned it on In the 3rd quarter and it was ugly!!

(shharper01) #18

Giveaways count as tickets sold? There must be some rules around that or else Rice and Tulane would average SROs.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

To be more specific, guest tickets like when kids are part of a halftime show and promotional tickets like when an advertiser is given free tickets to giveaway to employees and/or clients.