AAC blogger week 5 power rankings

(Eric Prado) #1

(David) #2

I tend to agree with the SHPawdcast rankings more until I see more of the teams although I might swap UH and SMU – guess that will be settled on Saturday night.

Also, the AAC West is wide open. I don’t like that Navy has already jumped out to a 3-0 lead but they still need to go to Memphis and Houston and play UCF as well. SMU could get to 4-0 if they beat UH and then follow up as likely favorites @ Cincy and home for Tulsa before they get to UCF, @ Navy and @ Memphis in 3 straight weeks in November. UH’s and Memphis’ schedules seem to be the most favorable:

Memphis: Navy, Tulane, SMU, ECU at home and UConn, UH and Tulsa on the road.
UH: SMU, Memphis, ECU and Navy at home and Tulsa, USF and Tulane on the road.

6-2 in AAC play may win the West.


I’m shocked at how bad Tulsa is this year. After last year, they were the team I was most scared of this year besides Memphis and thought Philip Montgomery would be rumored for vacant coaching positions toward the end of the year. Looks like I severely underestimated the drop off from Dane Evans to Chad President.

(Ben B) #4

What is really annoying is if we got the offense working we would be in the drivers seat. We have seen flashes of good offense, but not a game’s worth at one time. Someone needs to ask Applewhite why we are sucking in the second half. The only thing it can be is playcalling. Let’s see if he gives us the honest answer and then fixes it.


When was this?


I think this is part of the answer. The other part is the other team is making better adjustments than us. I’d be ok if we completely abandoned the between-the-tackles running game in favor of QB delay draws used 2-3 times a game to keep LBs honest. The Texans did this perfectly twice yesterday with Deshaun Watson. The rest of the running game should be outside the tackles. We just don’t have the run blocking to establish a strong power running game. It is what it is.

(Ben B) #7

That was something I liked seeing with Postma in. In the first half he pulled it a few times for good gains and then you saw actual holes for Birden to run through up the middle because they couldn’t crash the middle. It is nice when it works like that.