AAC Championship Game Watch Parties

(YaW00CougarFootball) #1

Me and a few fellow Coog alums were wondering what places tomorrow will be having a watch party. We went to The Beer Market on Milam and we were disappointed (not many Coogs and they didn’t put the Nantz pbp over the speakers. We’re looking to get loud with other Coogs and hear the pbp for tomorrow’s game.


(Ryon Adams) #2

I may go to Taps and Apps in Mililani, HI.

All Hawaii coogfans please come join me!


(Patrick) #3

You might have more luck tomorrow with getting PbP over the speakers. AAC Final will be one of only 5 games
on the day and will be the last game to end prior to Selection Sunday. The only other game that should be going on is the Sun Belt tourney (UTA and Georgia State) that starts at 1 pm.

These are also the official Watch Party locations that the department puts out:

  • Lucky’s Pub (801 St. Emanuel St., Houston, TX 77003)
  • Lucky’s Pub (2520 Houston Avenue, Houston, Texas 77009)
  • Brooklyn Athletic Club (601 Richmond Avenue, Houston, Texas 77006)
  • Calhoun’s Rooftop (4701 Calhoun Rd Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77004)
  • Plucker’s (1400 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007)
  • Plucker’s (10407 Katy Fwy., Houston, TX 77024)
  • Lucky’s Pub Katy (17754 Katy Fwy #1, Houston, TX 77094)

I also know that Little Woodrow’s tends to support the Coogs as I believe some of their owners are Coogs

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5


Any watch parties in Cypress?

(Jimmy Morris) #7

I’d just call a couple of local bars and ask if they plan on having the game on the big screen with the audio on instead of music. If they don’t know about the game, you know it probably doesn’t have a group going there.

(J V ) #8

You can try Mo’s in Cypress, pretty cool friendly.