AAC Championship Gameday Thread!

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  • Memphis
  • UCF

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UCF marches down the field for a TD

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Memphis tightens up after allowing a 62 yard pass to force a FG.

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Sucks how the broadcast keeps mentioning Scott Frosts Nebraska ties.


Notice how well UCF’s WRs block?

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We want UCF, an undefeated conference champion.

We want TCU to win.

We want Wisconsin to win.

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Not only that and they’re lying to the public on how he’s so “torn” on which job to take


Indeed. without good blocking from the WRs no one can execute the RPO offense consistently. Our guys really need to get better. Mac Brown commented several times on TV about poor WR blocking whenever Navy blew up one of short side-line passes, bubble screen, or whatever it’s called.

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Add Boise to that list

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I think thats a result of the previous WR coach. Guiton is too young to expect him to make a huge change in so little time and experience. But I fully agree with you. The amount of screens we run wouldn’t harbor complaint from the fans if our WRs could block.

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Memphis finally on the board 7-10


This is going to be a GOOD game.


It wouldn’t be an AAC Championship game if at least 25% of the commentary wasn’t geared towards which coach was taking which new job.

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Anybody notice that UCF playing corners 10 yards off and winning by 10? Memphis pressing and …


Blown coverage

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Memphis took advantage of the time. Excellent awareness.


These offenses tough to defend no matter what you do. UCF DC making them run by playing off andcsafety gets sucked up and beat deep


Last possession…safety for Memp same thing.