AAC Commish: 8 conf games, and as many non-conf. as possible

I am going back to school and looking forward to being back in the classroom. I will say that I think football is the most likely event that will cause my school and others like it to close again. Look what is happening in MLB. They are testing like crazy, but 3 teams are now out of commission due to outbreaks (St. Louis Cardinals being the latest this morning).

Read this article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/08/01/sec-football-players-safety-meeting/

I will say that I have conducted strength and conditioning sessions and practices this summer with 30+ athletes. It is EXTREMELY challenging to maintain social distancing throughout a 90 minute practice and I can’t imagine how this can be done in a HS locker room. We are projecting 50% attendance at my school right now. (roughly 900 students choosing face to face instruction). I am confident that I can keep my individual classroom safe by following protocols. Explain to me how you play tackle football and aren’t swapping fluids. I don’t think colleges are equipped for this and I sure as heck don’t think the High Schools are. I don’t think you can play sports outside of a “bubble” like the NBA and MLS are doing and that costs an insane amount of $$$.

The financial reckoning that is coming to the colleges is of their own doing. (Not the pandemic, but the insane increase in capital resources) We are all spending outside our means. I’m asking this because I don’t have the answer. How desperate are we to have a season? How big a deficit is it? Should be asking our high $$ coaches to take an even bigger cut?

I love football and I love sports, but these plans seem doomed to failure.


I have been believing the only way college football works for this fall is for teams to go into the bubble and the same is true of the NFL. As with basketball, the contact is too close and too physical for it to execute outside the bubble. Maybe it will be different regarding needing the bubble late fall or early winter.

I don’t believe they will ruin themselves as they execute. Although COVID is going to inflict significant impact anyway to cut it. Buth Hopefully they will just back up the schedule. The problem with college football is getting them all to back up the schedule when it looks more difficult to execute. It appears the only way to do that is conference by conference unlike having one command structure as they do with the MLB, NFL, and the NBA.

I was hoping MLB could execute outside the bubble, but if they are not going to have fans why not go into the bubble in AZ or Florida. I am still wondering how much of the team infections are due to not executing masks and social distancing and staying away from high risk places is causing those teams issues. They really need to execute the MLB season. Too big of black eye not too.

I saw the SEC USC AD tell his faithful yesterday that they plan to have fans which I think is doable, but he is guessing 20K. I think the fan side of the equation with low enough numbers is easier too execute than pulling off a sport like football outside of the bubble.

And I don’t think UH should allow 20k!
First it does not allow for safe distancing and 2 it will look silly when we will be lucky to draw 10k

I agree. If we’re starting from the premise that football should be played, all stakeholders (all FBS conferences, tv partners, etc) should have come together and tried to set up something like 6-8 game regional schedules with gaps between each game week for testing, etc. and potentially rescheduling games.

20K at USC’s stadium is 23% with their 88K stadium.

The same percentage model at UH is +/-10K. I definitely believe that is doable with our size of stadium to start games.

The 20K at UH would probably be towards the end of the season if all is going well.

We do have 5 good options for a vaccine for this fall to be produced as we speak and distributed heavily after the first of the year. Its another reason I believe a spring football season is the most likely although all the ADs and coaches seem to think it is a last resort. If they go to the spring for this season then they’ll need to back up the 2021 season to allow enough down time. Hopefully they will be able to coodinate with the NFL to minimize impact on the draft and when they start also in 2021.

Pac 12 Players pulling out. Who’s next?

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In the article, I didn’t see anything saying they were pulling out of anything but a lot of thought went into it. We are not sure if it was from 2 players or a very large group of players but it sounds like a union.

Edit: Matt’s post has the quote.

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" Due to COVID-19 and other serious concerns, we will opt-out of Pac-12 fall camp and game participation unless the following demands are guaranteed in writing by our conference to protect and benefit both scholarship athletes and walk-ons."

And then list 17 demands. Some reasonable, some less so, more calculated leverage. Opt out of game participation seems pretty cut and dry no?


No loss of scholly, and no loss of ROSTER SPOT (!!!) for opting out…
Reduction in “excessive” salaries (they all are).
And social justice demands that are nebulous at best, and impossible to gauge results of actions…

All of this points to what a crap job that Larry Scott has done with the PAC 12…rudderless leadership.

Well PAC 12 mandatory activities can start as early as 8/3 and camp starts 8/17. Let’s see what happens.

This should have been a new thread.

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It relates to my original thought of, why are we (UH) doing this? What do we stand to lose? I would assume AAC has to have similar discussions that the SEC and Pac 12 are having with players.


All the schools have to do is say that those who pull out lose their scholarships and will be replaced by others who want a scholarship, of whom there are plenty. It’s kind of like when the pros went on strike and were replaced by others. I don’t remember all of these kids complaining when they “were blessed to receive an offer” from whatever university they chose.


I do know that UH players and coaches all had a meeting to discuss protocols for safe practices before they began. Strength and conditioning had been in place before and they were to report their workouts to the coach. There were no demands or threats of not playing. They wanted to know that steps were in place for a safe comeback after some positive Covid cases. The fact that they had a open discussion and came to a mutual agreement meant hey could begin with no distractions.


Yeah, I’m sorry. Don’t see this as an apples to apples situation. These are not “normal” conditions and if teams weren’t going to bankrupt their athletic departments, I think it is reasonable to conclude that they would not be asking their athletes to play football.

The 1st college that yanks a scholarship because a student would not play due to Covid, would get sued into the stone age and lose, not to mention a life time of horrific publicity.

Is a student at The Honors College being asked to report for face to face classes or lose their scholarship?


Just move it to Spring and be done with it for now. If MLB and all their resources can’t avoid a breakout there is zero chance college football can avoid it.

These kids aren’t talking about sitting out due to COVID, but a bunch of other things.

From the article:
"To ensure future generations of college athletes will be treated fairly, #WeAreUnited.

Because NCAA sports exploit college athletes physically, economically and academically, and also disproportionately harm Black college athletes, #WeAreUnited.

In rejecting the NCAA’s claim that #BlackLivesMatter while also systematically exploiting Black athletes nationwide, #WeAreUnited."

And if the Honors student refused to do his work because he didn’t like the way the admin handles things, he would fail.

One could make the case that playing football during a pandemic would qualify as exploitation, but I believe each individual should have the right to choose if they want to play or not.

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Certainly, each individual should choose if they want to play during pandemic as well as normal circumstances. In normal circumstances, if they choose not to play, the school can withdraw it’s scholarship.

No one is exploiting the kids, they do their best to get those scholarships they voluntarily take. They are given a chance at an education many, if not most, would not otherwise have. If they are only looking for a route to the pros, they are shorting themselves. The colleges offer them every advantage possible, tutors, learning labs, etc., to earn their degrees. If they blow it because they are betting on the pros and it doesn’t turn out, it is on them, not the colleges.

You have your opinion, I have mine. I just get really tired of all these “demands.”


I don’t care about the demands. As I mentioned in an earlier post, some of them are not reasonable. I am merely trying to show the difference between the pros and college. It seems to me college football is hell bent on playing to preserve revenue, not out of an interest in providing educational opportunity to students who otherwise would not have it. If it was about the latter, would we even be having this discussion? If that’s the case, let’s just call it what it is, a business, and the players are employees.

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