AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?


I agree, our goal is and should be aiming for the top.

I just wanted to have a meaningless off season discussion and your response was amusing to me.

I don’t think I contradicted my argument. I said we have an easier path the NY6 bowl games. I just likened that to OU’s path to the playoffs.

The only reason I began to have this thought is because of all of the rumors about our new TV deal. If it continues to grow it might grow to the level of a power conference. I think it is extremely unlikely…again just a meaningless off season discussion.

I began following UH in Dana’s 2nd year when we did not win a game. i have really enjoyed how much we have grown even with all of the disadvantages we faced and continue to face.

I think it would be awesome for UH to become a national power that is in the top 10 every year and lifts a conference from G5 to P6 status. My thought is we could anchor the AAC like UT and USC anchor theirs.


We always won when Dana was here

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Think he means the other Dana (Dimel)


yeah i meant Dana Dimel

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We don’t want an easier path to NYE6 bowl game. We want to be eligible to compete in the CFP, which means we have to be a member of a P5 conference. Currently we are in the little American league and the goal is to win the big boy ships.


The administration want to make money and stop the blood loss more than anything. If we make it to cfp that’s just icing.

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I don’t know that baseball moves the needle at all in regard to media rights, and it’s irrelevant when it comes to realignment. There’s no exact calculation, but it’s roughly three parts location, two parts football, one part basketball, and maybe 1/2 part academics, though that varies. Kansas should land on their feet if the Big 12 implodes because their basketball program will add millions to a league in Tournament units and obviously help the conference’s RPI, etc; they’re also AAU. My hope is that OU leaves for the Big 10 or SEC, Texas goes independent, and UH, Tech, Kansas, and Oklahoma State move to the PAC 12.


I really hope this happens. It would be nice to go with a school we have some history with.

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Saying Tulane “helps us academically” as a reason to support the conference is like saying, “she has a nice personality.”


The overall record may be kinda middle of the road—but the reality is we were often feast or famine. We seemed to have good years or 4 wins. That said, my take away would be–middle of the road aint bad with the crap resources we had back then. The facilities and the administrations financial commitment to our sports program is night and day in comparison to the SWC days. We probably had one of lowest athletic budgets (if not the lowest) when we competed in the SWC.


Almost certainly true! We were always the “little engine, that could.” But we had Bill Yeoman, Guy V. Lewis, and Dave Williams among our legendary early coaches; and we had the incredible Harry Fouke as our Athletic Director. We have fine people leading our Athletic Department and coaching our teams today, but those original leaders may never be surpassed; they were magicians!

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Some of those leaders are being surpassed, by new leaders like Leroy Burrell and Carl Lewis. Coach Kelvin Sampson is on the way. Houston track Men Track #2 national indoor. #3 outdoor 2018 and could be #1 outdoor 20019. We have some good coaches in place. We have the best College President. We have come a long way baby. Look at our growth, we made some bad mistakes in the past, but our future is bright.

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Let’s not forget Tom Tellez. Tom Tellez is in imo at the same level with the other legends mentioned. You can’t compare them. We were part of a P5 with the SWC. We are not today. Just imagine how better we would be in a P5. That is why we are being “blacklisted” Leroy and Carl are doing an amazing job. In a P5 they would have the chance to get close to what Mr. Tellez accomplished.

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We want forget about Tom, we have his son to help us. Leroy has won more conference records than a lot of coaches. His national record is creeping up. (2) 4x1 national champ (1) 4x4, (1) 60m (1) 200m (1) 100m, and other. #15 for women. tied with LSU.

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Houston cougars 4x4 World Record time. Houston cougars 4x1 Record collegiate time, Eli Hall 200m Collegiate time.


“Some of those leaders are being surpassed…”

I have to assume that you are fairly young to make that statement.


Indeed, he must be; but I “ain’t fairly young” - just the opposite, in fact, and alas. I have seen basketball and football teams coached by every person ever on the UH payroll! And I am very aware and proud of our Track record - just not into those sports very much.


Dan I am old and I hope god doesn’t strike me down for saying this but Coach Sampson has done as good of a job as any of our historic coaches.

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I love Kelvin Sampson as much as anyone but he needs some FInal Fours before being Guy V. good. :grinning:

A natty gets CKS in the HOF a lot sooner. How’s that? :partying_face:

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You don’t have to be old to know facts. In conference titles Leroy has surpassed Tom Tellez. Leroy has 35 total, making him one of the most successful coach in UH history. No one can compete with Coach Dave Williams with 16 National titles. Leroy is taking this team to new heights.