AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?


Fan boards tend to overvalue their respective teams. We will get more money in a new contract, but ESPN will walk if Aresco expects $8m per school. The AAC is not a P6 conference. Don’t think that Fox or ESPN or CBS is going to overpay for AAC content. They won’t.

(Ben B) #22

YOu do realize that if we got 13 million we still wouldn’t be getting half of what “P5” schools are getting. Also, by our ratings we are getting drastically underpaid. Many UH games have been some of their highest rated for those night for the season and I’m sure UCF has done the same as well. Now, I don’t know if we will get as much as people are saying for our Tier 1 alone, I’m not sure how much tier 2 makes up the 40 or 50 million the other conferences get. I think we will do better than you are thinking.

(Bryant Hargrave) #23

You may be right. But there’s no way we’re looking at double digits, if Aresco gets us all 10+ we should just make him commish for life and build a statue of him.

The results are we’re going to get enough of a bump to be clearly better than the rest of the G5 conferences, but still so far below the P5 that any bump is really irrelevant in the grand scheme.


10 mill is still far below…shoot 18 to 20 mill is still far below what others make. Why are we eating the crumbs from the table, as dogs do??? We got to be worth more than a dog at the rich man’s table!

(Ben B) #25

If we got over 10 for JUST our tier one rights, that would be pretty awesome. IN a dream world we would get 13 and then 7 for our tier 2 and make half of the Money 5 plus a NY6 tie in for a bit more money and prestige.
That won’t happen and if anything close to it did Aresco deserves a lifetime contract.

(Bran) #26

Shoot 18-20 million would be great. Look at the success of the conference with the dog scraps were getting now, imagine what we could do with 18-20 milllion.

(Cary) #27

Because we have no other choice until (if/when) we get a P5 invite. I haven’t seen anything coming in concerning realignment, have you?

ESPN has the power to stop realignment and they also have more leverage in this negotiation.There is what you may want, and then there is reality. ESPN will only offer the minimum to keep this league on their channel, and there hasn’t been any other channel willing to up their programming.

The rumor is our league is valued between $8M-$10M per school, per year in the current environment. That is what you should expect.

(greg) #28

6 mil is not a good deal.

(greg) #29

Thank you shoot for the big deal. Look what our basketball teams are doing beating out the Big east, and PAC 12. Big east get over 12 mil a year.


We have ZERO bargaining power. Regardless of the ratings the league gets, regardless of the higher visibility some teams in the AAC have, we only have a few options of networks. We get what we get and deal with it. Unfortunate, but true…


good and realistic is different things…

our current deal is 2mill…6mil is a significant upgrade…the presidents have already said their goal and ideal deal is 8mil

afeter negotiating i expect somewhere between 6-8 would be ideal…10-15 is a dream ,and even more than what we are asking

(greg) #32

No you got that wrong! No good President is going to negotiate in the media.

(greg) #33

the power we have is our production. The AAC has good production, and nothing you can say will change that. You don’t have the numbers. The commissioner has.


its memphis president (david rudd) that gives all the info and it wasnt to the media…he keeps his boosters “in the loop” at public events and the boosters post it places

it was a year ago, he was asked about the state of memphis athletics and their financial losses…and he said the aac is attempting to get 8 mil per for the tv deal, he thinks they can get it and that will make a huge different in the state of their financial books .
he technically wasn’t even asked about the tv deal, but gave info about it lol

(Still shivering from that Army game in 2001) #35

I’m expecting 3 to 4 honestly. With no other takers ESPN can lowball us all they want and still trumpet the AAC increased their income by 50 or 100 percent.

(Bryant Hargrave) #36

Well we’re making 3 now, so go to 4 and it’s a 25% bump. Not saying you’re theory is wrong, if I had to pick between you and the 10+ crowd you win. Just that the math is off.

Also if that’s all Aresco gets here might as well just quit and save i the conference the trouble of firing him, because any of us could go do that.

(greg) #37

I just listen to David Rudd pod cast. He was ask about numbers for the new TV deal.
He said he could no give out any numbers, but it should be significant.
92.9 FM Radio.com.


the 8mil as the goal number has been floated around by memphis people that that is what they were told by rudd (in context about their financial deficit), and supposedly their AD repeated that number on the radio (there are threads about it on the memphis sites)… if you google there are article links about it but they all seem to be dead, the headline is still visible with the number though

i doubt that number was just made up…


Significant is all in the interpretation. I hope it mean greater than we expected…


The Sports Business Journal is predicting about $8 million. Don’t know how accurate they are, but nice to see that from an independent news source