AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?

(Cary) #81

Rumors on the AAC board is that the deal is being finalized and they are “pleased”. Considering that the person saying that is Rudd from U of M (originally said $6M-$8M was likely) probably indicates that we got at least $6M per team, maybe more, for the principle rights. How much more we will have to wait and see.

Secondary and tertiary broadcasts from CBS Sports could take us toward $7M-$8M per team.


I personally am not pleased with those numbers. I might get excited about 15 million to 18 million per team…8 million per team is scraps…


Yep…but there’s no way ESPN will go over $10mil for the AAC. I think $8mil is being optimistic.


I don’t know what our number is to break even each year is, but that plus more would be good instead of being in the red each year. That coupled with our various tournament shares, our own “dance” winnings, NY6 annual bowl, and ticket sales would be better than what we have today.


Someone else did the calcs here or on another Coogs site that looked like $8mil/yr with a good postseason run and good attendance is our breakeven, if I recall. Definitely better than our current situation but I have bitterly low expectations with anything to do with ESPN.

(Jimmy Morris) #86

It’s because you feel UH deserves 15 million to 18 million per year but UH is one of the top dogs in a conference with a lot of smaller audiences. At least I hope you aren’t saying Tulane, ECU, Tulsa and UConn are each worth more than $10 million a year.

I should noted that I know ECU is in the top half of AAC attendance but I’ve not noticed them very regularly have good TV ratings. Could be wrong on that so feel free to remove them as an example. :slight_smile:

(Munzell Milluns) #87

If you’re pleased as an administrator with 6 million a year then don’t be surprised with 7 three years from now. 6 million isn’t something you publicly applaud before the ink’s dry.


This is our reality. And I’m just not sure if the AAC is ready for unequal distributions based on appearances & ratings.

(Brad) #89

Give Houston, Cinci, Memphis, UCF 8.5 million and the rest 6.


I know Navy is only a football member but rights to the Notre Dame/Navy game alone (although granted its alternate years) are worth a pretty penny. Actually most of the navy games are.

(Alex Whitlock) #91

Navy has their own TV contract, don’t they?


Oh wow. That sucks for the other 11 teams. Whats next, Tulane gets a shot named after them at Pappadeaux’s and we don’t get a piece of the pie?


And you think Baylor is worth $36M or Rutgers is worth $51M? No they aren’t but they still get an equal share, so I say yes Tulane and others AAC bottom feeders can get an equal share which could be more than $10M. Are they worth it? No. This situation is no different than other conferences.


I dunno. I don’t like unequal revenue sharing in conferences. Creates discord. Sure Tulane, Tulsa, Baylor, tech, wake forest, Minnesota, etc ain’t worth a wizz but you take the good with the bad. Can we work with 8 mil per school? I think that would be the high.

(Jimmy Morris) #95

Not sure where those numbers come from but what I know is that Rutgers and Baylor are NOT worth the average money their conference gets. They are worth lower than the average and other schools in their conference are worth more than their average. Hence the package they end up with.

I think you read my comment wrong. Did you read the comment I was replying to first?
I’m saying we have too many schools worth less than $10 million for the upper echelon teams to make enough for the conference AVERAGE worth $15 million to $18 million. Never said or even came close to implying that we can’t get a $10 million per team deal.


Oh, I read your post wrong.

(Tom) #97

According to sports day Dallas news “ In 2016-17, the SEC led with a $40.9 million average per school, followed by the Big Ten ($37 million), the Big 12 ($34.8 million), the Pac-12 ($30.9 million) and the ACC ($26.6 million).”

Following those trends, the AAC should not bring in anything less than 15-20 million.

(Dustin K) #98

Any idea what the length of this contract might be?

(greg) #99

18 to 25 mil, ACC will get a better contract.

(greg) #100

I don’t think its a take it or leave it. We may underestimate the negotiating skills of the commissioner team. He has years of data to present to ESPN. ESPN knows a good and fair deal. College football need to expand their footprint to make more money