AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?

(Ben B) #161

Goal is to make that kind of money. If we do that in AAC that’s fine.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #162

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Personally, I think $8-$10 million for AAC schools would be a huge win and is realistic.

If the conference earns north of $13 million per school, people on Cullen Blvd will click their heels in joy.

What I think would be even more interesting if their is a tiered system within the AAC; whereby, UH, UCF and Cincy receive more money than the others.


Another thing to consider is that because of the Conference Networks many major channels cannot get ACC, BIG, PAC, SEC games without big money changing hands UNLESS they play one of our schools away. So when you guys say ECU is terrible, well, they still play 2-3 ACC schools in football a year and 1-2 of those are at home. That is a valuble commodity. Memphis gets an SEC game at home every other year. Commodity. We play a variety of good schools usually. Commodity.
It’s not just ‘who are we and who do we attract’; it’s also, ‘who do our schools schedule series with to gain their broadcast rights’.


I disagree. I know it would be great to get more money but isn’t that exactly what UT and OK do in the B12? I think that leads to bad blood and eventual instability as has occurred since the SWC-B8 merger. I like the B10 model where each school is treated the same. That makes for long term possibility of competitiveness which makes for a better product.


Negative. The big 12 shares conference money equally. In fact, it was UT that pushed for equality and that’s a big reason Nebraska was butt hurt, in addition to Nebraska having to limit partial qualifiers in football.

UT makes more money from their tier 3 and i would hope UH would do likewise.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #166

I don’t disagree with you, I just think it would be an interesting twist. It could be the same Tier 1 rights for each school then every school for themselves for Tier 2 and 3.

Whichever way it falls out, this board will be fun to read.

(Chris) #167

I am with you & we also agree that our goal is to get into a P5 ASAP. At this time we have no idea what this offer will be. It is pure speculation.


Research money is big.

(Randy ) #169

They share tier 1 TV money equally but not tier 3. I think other conferences share all. The LHN as its currently set up wouldn’t be allowed in other conferences.


Which conferences, aside from the Acc, share tier 3 television rights?


Since the Big 10 and SEC have television channels I would think they share tier 3.


I really didn’t know, hence my question. It would make sense for the PAC to own all content as well.


Mon, I would to say you are correct. As I understand it the conference TV channels were set up to pool the tier 3 content and to provide original programming.


I haven’t been following what people who have a clue what they are talking about think we may get, but this sounds right. $10 million per year would be a 500% increase over our current contract. That would be a massive, massive increase. It seems weird that’s the baseline for a lot of people in this thread.

(Randy ) #175

I thought all of them except ND with the ACC.


Yes, but it’s obviously not part of TV deals, so it’s a non-issue with respect to this discussion.


He mentioned AAU membership to certain conferences and thats tied in to research money and not athletics.


Tulane made past Memphis if I remember correctly??

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He has no inside information, just extrapolating from the Sun Belt’s recent deal with ESPN.