AAC Game Thread: UCF vs UConn (Game starts at 6PM Central) and Wake Forest vs Tulane (starts at 7PM)

I guess we’re going to see if Milton is what they say he is but I’m hoping this is a close game.

UCF plays at UConn tonight

You’re right I spaced out lol

Do we want it to be close? My thought is that I want UCF to be dominant all season until the AAC Championship Game in Houston before the Fertitta Center opening game.

yeah i want Ucf to win as many games as possible so we can face them in the title game.

But I am interested in the game for sure

New coaching staff for UCF, at UCONN, Thursday night game…might be closer than what the bookmakers think.

UCF is -24 this morning. The total is 71.5.

UConn is garbage, but I’d still stay far, far away from either of those. If I had to pick, I’d take UCF and the under.

Not saying the rest of the team is any good, but the UCONN OL needs some serious work. Or UCF has a really good DL. Or both.

Milton starting off how he finished last year. That’s a good sign with a whole new staff in their first game. Even if it’s UConn.

UConn is straight garbage, but UCF defense giving up some chunk plays.

This UConn QB has some Greg Ward in him. Too bad he’s only showing it because he’s having to run for his life. Good Lord, UConn’s OL is hot garbage.

Their DL is too. UCF gashing them right up the middle.

What is score???


21-10 now. UCF has some problems on defense.

I think UCF will just outscore you like the Art Briles days…

Don’t care how much you downgrade UConn, Milton is the real deal. 5 drives, 4 TDs with the only stall being the sophomore back failing to convert 3rd and 1 at the 50 yard line. I’ll be ecstatic if we are that effective against Rice in the first half.

From the announcers, it seems he has won the trophy already.

UCF looking good.

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