AAC power rankings: Week 2

USF hasn’t done anything to deserve that one spot.


I’m hoping that my Illini (Illinois grad school alum here) upset them on Friday.

I like the Illini, but I have to root for USF in this one to help the AAC.

That would only be good for Illnois and would suck for Houston seeing as USF is probably UH’s only chance to play a top 25 school all season.

I got that, but it may not matter much if we go on to win the conference title. In most years, the AAC champion will be the highest ranked G5 champion, and will still get a NY6 bid.

Like someone said on another thread, we need SDSU to lose to Stanford this weekend. SDSU is already getting more votes than us and if they beat Stanford, they’ll likely jump into the rankings AND have a much easier path to win their conference than we will.

Yep, the next two weeks are very important for SDSU as they will probably be their two toughest tests this season: Stanford at home and then at Air Force. After that, things get really easy for them.

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Stanford is walking into an ambush if they think that it is going to be easy. This is probably the most important game for SDSU in decades. Stanford allowed 307 yards rushing against SC. Rocky Long (SDSU Coach) will want to emulate that. SDSU has a pro style offense that gives problems to Stanford. I sure hope SDSU loses. In case they win this will be bad news for us.

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SDSU has Boise at home on 10/14. Boise is always a tough game.

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