AAC Preseason Ballot


Has us picked to win the West. :grinning:

Has us losing to UCF in the CCG. :frowning:

(PMM) #2

UCF overrated !!

(Mike Higdon) #3

Well, he’s half right.

(Patrick) #4

1 UH player on their All-Conference team. They know we have talent, they just don’t know where it will come from.


This is exactly the way I like it. Spend all your time preparing for Ed only to get blown up by other less likely candidates.

(Alfred Matthews) #6

if UCF wins the conference title again with a first year HC it will prove Applewhite is a fraud and my point about continuity is valid. Applewhite has no excuses this season.

(Bryant Hargrave) #7

Eh fraud? Maybe a little much, maybe it’s as simple as Huepel bring a better coach. For what’s it’s worth overall I’m on your side in that Applewhite has a lot to prove to show that he’s our guy. But not being a good/great head coach is not the same as being a fraud.
For instance in terms of head coaches I think Sumlin is a fraud and just has a knack for picking jobs with QB’s he didn’t recruit. After they leave he’s nothing sorry of mediocre.


If you told me that UH would be in contention for 1st place in the American West on the last week of the season today…I think I’d take you up on it. Even more so if you told me that it was in their control (win and you’re in).

(Cary) #9