AAC Preseason Position Reviews: Defensive Line

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“2. Houston: Will Ed Oliver get some help this year? It surely seems that way. Oliver is the best defensive tackle in the country, and arguably the best player. Not only does he have the talent, but his nonstop motor is what makes him a star. No one has the energy to compete with him. Which means that double teams will come his way and teams will try to run the ball away from him. So who will help? Jerard Carter was limited with injuries last year, but can be great. TCU transfer Isaiah Chambers has yet to play a down of college football, but has fans raving about his potential. Payton Turner was thrust into action last year, and he’s added some valuable weight to his frame. This group could be one of the best in college football, and I’m sure Oliver wouldn’t mind if his production decreased because his teammates took some tackles away from him.”


Thank you for sharing.

Sorry but I don’t think that they are second to any D-line in the AAC.

(Patrick) #3

Agreed. Really surprised by the ranking, but guessing they’re going on experience more than talent.

(sarkcoog) #4

I think it is they do no know about Chambers (has not played in two years) and our depth.