AAC Preseason Position Reviews: Running Back

Coogs picked 6th in the coference

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They mention Patrick Carr and he’s still listed on the roster. Weren’t there rumors he was no longer on the team? Hopefully he stays. The new starting QB is going to need all the help he can get this season.

I’m REALLY hoping the OL is exponentially better this year and that Duke can stay healthy. Those two things are going to be key to the success of whoever the QB ends up being.

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Yep, JD said in his last hat that Carr wouldnt be part of the team. Hasn’t been announced yet (may not since he’s a walk-on) and he’s still on the official roster.

Edward Jones retweeted this one.

Word from a reliable source says PC will remain on team.

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Good. We need solid RBs and depth.

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Need to get PC some Cougar gear. Maybe he was in stealth mode.

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