AAC Rankings

according to Jon Rothstein

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American Conference Preseason Power Rankings:

  1. Memphis
  2. Cincinnati
  3. Houston
  4. South Florida
  5. Wichita State
  6. UConn
  7. Temple
  8. SMU
  9. Tulsa
  10. UCF
  11. ECU
  12. Tulane

American Conference Preseason First Team for 19-20:

Jarron Cumberland, Cincinnati
Dejon Jarreau, Houston
Quinton Rose, Temple
Alexis Yetna, South Florida
James Wiseman, Memphis

American Conference Preseason Player of the Year for 19-20:

Jarron Cumberland, Cincinnati


I got no complaints.

Damn… They got Cincy over us. I bet this rankings change once Grimes gets his waiver.


How did Armoni leave and Cumberland come back? Not a good turn of events. Gotta get that Grimes waiver or AAC title isn’t happening this year. I’d be satisfied just making the tournament without Armoni and Grimes.

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AAC day over at Roth’s twitter:

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The conference title is anybody’s guess. His top team is full of (albeit talented) 18 year olds with an untested coach, 2nd is a team that fell apart and put themselves back together again (with a new but tested coach),
3rd team (us) we really don’t know how half these guys are gonna play together. USF/ Shockers could surge ahead. Heck even UConn might surprise people if they can stay healthy; their underclassmen got a lot of experience last year. And Temple, lost one guy, got pierre’s little brother to join the fold. You know those guys are hoopin on their own time and are gonna be special together.

I think we got 7 good teams this year. I’ll go ahead and call 5 NCAA bids, 2 NIT.


With Cumberland back and another Cumberland in the mix, I don’t think Cincy falls back at all due to new coaching. This NKY guy has been groomed for this role, the players, admin, and city know him very well. It’s like if we were successful a few years ago and Mike Davis came over from TSU. They’re not going to miss a beat. Maybe next year when Cumberland is gone. And I’m no Cincy fan, I wish they would drop.


Doubt we use a 6-1 guy to guard Cumberland this year.

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That’s probably a safe assumption since all of our starting guards will be 6’5”+


I think UC takes a step back defensively which is a big identity shift for them. Key will be can they pick it up on offense from a pretty non-explosive style of play.

damn, didn’t realize Cumberland was coming back.

I just don’t see us being 3rd place. I honestly see us being better than last year.


We could be both, which would still be a good thing. Get a a friend from the AAC to join us in the Sweet 16. Great!


What if–and I realize it’s a big if–Armoni didn’t come back because he realized Mills was better than him and was going to take too many of his minutes? If there’s no fall off from losing Brooks at the 3, some of my concern shifts a bit to the guards. I think the guards we have now are more athletic and have more upside than Galen and Corey, but will obviously be lacking the experience and leadership. Hopefully production-wise that will be a wash.

By far my biggest concern is in the paint. Breon was the only big man we had last year with any semblance of an offensive game that didn’t require a dunk. I hope that Brison has made big strides in that department and/or Fabian and Gorham can fill that gap a bit. This late in the game, I can’t see Harris being anything more than a rim protector and offensive board clean up guy.

All that to say, I really don’t see much, if any, fall off going into next season. The difference will be that the conference should be better as a whole which will make things tougher for sure. I feel pretty confident we’ll be top 3, but my bold prediction is we’ll be battling it out with Cincy again for the top spot. Memphis is incredibly young and Penny is still unproven as a coach, so I’m not yet convinced about them. Should be a fun season.

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I truly believe we are a final 4 team if Grimes is granted immediate eligibility. And it would not surprise me if we won the whole dang thing next season. This team will be a lot more talented than the team we had on the court last season. Now we will see how these guys will mesh. That will determine if we live up to our potential or not.


Memphis is a big question mark for me. We should know after OOC games if they are facing a learning curve this year or are the next Fab Five.

Ciny should be top 3 based on who’s coming back but I don’t know anything about their new coach. Is he defensive minded like Cronin? If so, yeah, they’ll be tough. But if not, then maybe the door opens a crack for someone else, UCF, Temple, UConn?

No doubt about it. There is no super team like with Duke last year with Zion. It’s wide open this year. Grimes is that good.

Duke did not win. Winning it all is hard no matter how good your team is


“Just making “ the tournament… how things have changed! Go coogs!


No they did not, but they were far away, the most talented team in the country. This year, not so much as far as that team that has superior talent over any team. There will be lots of parity in College Basketball this year.

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Agreed it’s a good place to be.