AAC Rival: University of Cincinnati Coach

I just watched an interview with Cincy Coach Luke Fickell. The guy is impressive and really putting his mark on the program. From recruiting efforts to fans in the stands, the Bearcats have achieved success. I sure hope that we can get back to a similar level of success, both in the W-L column and putting butts in the seats.

I usually try to road trip for one away game per year (excluding @SMU); this year I’m hoping to attend the Cincy game.

Does UC play The OSU this year? That’s the real litmus test for them.

Not this year. Looks like Nebraska is their toughest nonconference game this fall.

OK. It looks like Nebraska and Texas are in a battle for the first to be “back”. Should be interesting, and as of now, I think the whorns have the edge!

Oooooooo…so glad that Texas is “back”…
Now they can be “upset”…a lot…:smiley:

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Go Big Red!


I’d like to see Big Red back, but I think the dynamics of CFB have changed and Nebraska just isn’t that attractive to recruits. I imagine Frost had an easier time luring recruits to UCF.

I said that because it was against UT-A

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That’s what I think too. Maybe a couple years every decade they’ll be in the top 10 neighborhood, but I really don’t see how you can recruit at a high level when your school is in Lincoln Nebraska.

Even more impressive considering he looks like this:


Seemed like a very smart hire when it was made and man it has paid off.

Also, just saying he went 4-8 his first year at Cincy, too.


Fickell is recruiting well and seems committed to the program. We’ll see–if the Bearcats do well this season, the P5 programs will really come calling. I read that his son (an OL) just committed to play for the program, as well as Urban Meyer’s son as a walk-on WR.

Maybe Fickell will remain at Cincy until the Ohio State HC position becomes available (could be a while).

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Could be a while AND he went 6-6 as interim HC there in 2011 after Jim Tressel got fired last second for Terrelle Pryor and the free tattoos scandal.

Not saying they wouldn’t have him back if he won like 75% of his games at Cincy and as an OSU alum (and longtime assistant) there’s no way he turns them down. As I understand it, he turned down Michigan State and that’s not a top tier Big Ten job.

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