AAC should invite Georgia State?

There is little to no excitement in ATL regarding Ga St


Atlanta is SEC country. It will always be SEC country. They have an ACC team in their city limits and it is SEC country. I like being the snobs for a change leave it at 11 unless someone invite-able goes on a TCU mountain west run.

I don’t think Georgia State would bring in enough money for itself plus extra for the existing teams. They only fill 16k to 22k in their 30K seat renovated stadium. If the AAC presidents thought GSU would bring in enough cash, they would have invited them.

Georgia Tech is only 2 miles away. That’s kind of unusually close.

I like the fact that they are in a large city which that fits the rest of AAC but I don’t there is going to be an invite.

After the next round of realignment if/ (probably when) some AAC schools move up, Georgia State will be very high on the list for the AAC.

GA State fits the profile of the schools that have thrived as AAC members- big, urban, public with a huge upside when they invest in coaches and facilities.
After expansion, I would be looking to go mega conference with schools fitting that profile if I was the AAC.

In the near term- very, very doubtful there is any AAC expansion as a full (football) member.
No reason right now until they see how it all shakes out.
Anyone who would want in isn’t worth splitting the $ in the next few years.

I would like to see an immediate Wichita style move to bring the wood in hoop & to a lesser extent baseball like a VCU but it’s also very doubtful.



I live in Atlanta and have to constantly listen to Dawg fans howl about their so called football power. I love to remind them that they have exactly one national title in the last 75 years, which is 1 more than TAMU, but still bad.

With that said, you are are right that this is SEC country. It’s so bad, I would say there are more Bama fans here than GaTech fans, which is a P5 school that plays in the middle of the city and has a very, very, wealthy alumni base, way richer than UGa. But because of lack of success, snobbery and simply a sort of nobles oblige the school and its alumni simply do not care about college sports in general and especially about football.

GSU would be a good add in a few years, but not now. It’s more of a commuter school than UH ever was; in fact, I don’t think GSU even has on campus housing yet. I work about 2 miles from the “campus” and it’s layout is not like UH. While UH is located close to central Houston, we actually have a separately identifiable location for our campus that is just for us. GSU basically just has a bunch of buildings downtown to house different classes. Some of these buildings were recent acquisitions, made when the real estate bubble burst and could be brought on the cheap (good move on GSUs part). From a layout perspective, it has more in common with HCC than it does with UH. That, more than anything, is why it has a hard time getting students involved in the athletics program.


Just say no.


Georgia State = lolololololololol


I dissent from most here in that I want a 12th team even if it’s not BYU/AFA/Army

But Georgia State is not very high on my list, to say the least.

But I wish them well.


Georgia State and Georgia Tech are separated by what, three blocks of downtown Atlanta?

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No no no no!!!


This. 100%.

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The city of Houston has proven that you don’t have to play somewhere to recruit that area. We don’t need to add Georgia state to recruit Georgia. If anything, play them OOC.


Or find a better name.

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