AAC Team Rankings-Week 2

(Brad) #1

Uh… I certainly did not know the “Did you know?” for Navy. That’s a heck of a blown lead for the tigers against an option team.

(GordoUH09) #2

Maybe I’m dumb, but I don’t get the Cincy “did you know” fact. Any ideas? Is it a joke?

The Bearcats are the last team in the American Athletic Conference to play a true home game this season.

(Nick K) #3

navy in pouring rain, that can be a tough day…hopefully we get a sunny day this year in annapolis

(Patrick) #4

Cincy started the season with 2 road games. Everyone else has already played one game. Not sure why it was so notable as it isn’t like they don’t play a home game until week 5 or something; it’s week 3.

(GordoUH09) #5

Lol the “fact” was so dumb, I felt I had to be missing something. Thanks!

(Patrick) #6

Oh yeah, completely agree…guess Cincy just isn’t that notable this year.


Happens when you go fast and turn the ball over against a team that chews the clock. We(the coaches) better be taking notes.