AAC Tournament Bracket


I agree with the folks on here saying we’ll take UCF down if we see them again. In that last game against UCF, we got away from our game and what is highly effective against Tacko: attacking him at the basket. If he’s focused on blocking shots, he’s either fouling a lot or not in position to rebound. But if we’re pulling up and trying to shoot 10 foot runners over him (or our deep ball isn’t falling), he’s in perfect position to rebound and we can’t out rebound him that way. We have to attack, which forces teams to collapse into the lane, which gets our shooters open.

But, all that to say, I believe our conference mates’ eyes have been opened to this reality and, I too, believe Memphis has a very good shot at beating UCF. I like our chances against Memphis even on their home floor because (1) our guards are elite defenders, and (2) we’ll out rebound Memphis.

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They’re probably locked into a 3 or 4 seed in the NIT unless they can win the tournament, in which case they’d steal Temple’s play-in 12 seed

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From what I have seen, NIT likes to give out home games based on crowd size so they probably would get to host their first two round matchups regardless of seed anyway.

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Pomeroy American Athletic Conference Tourney odds:


In looking out for the best interest of the conference, as far as I’m concerned, the bottom 4 teams in the league standings after the regulsr season shouldn’t be in the tournament. They didn’t earn it. It requires the top 4 teams to play 3 games instead of what should be just 2 thus reducing chance for injury and fatigue. 3 games in 3 days is tough. You want your conference’s banner teams to be healthy and rested for the real tournament.

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Anyone know when the team will fly out to Memphis and where they are staying?


Eliminate the bottom 4 and the top 8 still play 3 games.

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When the big east was big and really really good not every team made the conf tournament and the top seeds got a double bye and next tier got a single bye. There was a time in that era when several coaches including Pitino and Coach K were questioning the value of conference tournaments and basically insinuating an early exit was an advantage to prepare for the dance.


Outside of the Coogs, Wichita State is the hottest team in the AAC. Granted there were a lot of ECUs and Tulanes in their streak.

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If by hottest you mean longest win streak, OK. If by hottest you mean they looked the strongest by beating 4 straight teams with losing records … not so much.

UCF definitely looks better than Wichita State whether you look at last 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.


This idea from coaches goes back to at least Bobby Knight when he was at Indiana, mid to late 70s probably


Thanks for pointing out the reason I failed Logic 101. Embarrassing. My apologies. I guess the double bye and single bye would be the remedy, but other posters noted how that can be comprised and thus eliminating integrity from the tournament.


hoping for Memphis and UCF to go to double overtime and tire TF and UCF out and get to play us with less than a full day.


interesting note from UC coaches show: cronin says UC got the lead early by pounding the ball in the paint with their big man (brooks), and actually got our bigs in bad foul trouble too…

we punched back with 3s, and says they tried to answer back with 3s of their own, which failed…that they should have stayed with the original game plan… more or less insinuating if we met UC again they will be attacking the paint all game long


That would be smart. We’d have 3 bigs fouled out by halftime prolly.

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With the way the refs were calling that game, we’d almost definitely have been hurting down low in the 2nd half.

However, with the way the Coogs shot in the 2nd half, Cincy had no chance.


No way… But they’ll be in the conversation at least. Our top 4 conference teams can make a run in the NCAA tournament. I think Wichita St would give Memphis a run for it’s money in a neutral court for the 5th best team in conference.


Fouling our bigs out would have forced us to a small lineup earlier which seemed to be extremely favorable to UH.

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Odd that Tulane has better odds than ECU


Does anyone know why our conference tourney starts so late? The ACC tourney started today and most “mid-major” or “non-major” tourneys are already done. Is that a TV thing? Sure would be nice to have some extra days off before the Big Dance starts.