AAC Tournament Bracket

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Basically, so we can play Sunday and have the Final televised on ESPN.

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ACC is a 16-team league


True, but even with the extra round, they still finish up on Saturday instead of Sunday.


who are the basketball only schools?


tv reasons…

more or less why would i watch the aac tourney, or how will the aac tourney get tv slots when the acc/other p5 tourney is also on


ACC plays all 14 teams. Got the games on ESPN all day. Great exposure. I trust we will draw some eyeballs on Friday. LSU and Michigan State games will overlap, but we should do okay in the ratings for a weekday.


Not sure where to put this…it’s way, way, way OT: The All-Tournament Sexy Hair Team must include the George Michaelesque Dana Batt of Colgate.

Watching Colgate-Bucknell right now in the Patriot League championship…and I can’t help but to crack up whenever Batt and his do get some airtime. Bring follicle-ly challenged, I’m somewhat jealous. :grinning:

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is this the defacto AAC Tournament thread???

games start at noon today!

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American Conference Tournament Preview


The #11 ranked Cougars won the outright regular season title and will be looking to do the same in the AAC Tournament. Houston will be looking to see if they can get to a #2 seed for the NCAA Tournament, but the road will not be easy. They will probably be looking at a semifinal match up against either the Memphis Tigers on their home floor, or UCF, who beat Houston just few games ago in the Fertitta Center. Houston has great ball movement and a number of players that can knock down contested shots. Corey Davis Jr is clearly one of the best players in the nation, while Armoni Brooks is a true Swiss army knife as he can do anything you ask him to. The Cougars are among the nations best in rebounding which will be huge throughout this tournament.

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League Pomeroy ranking: Sixth of 32.

Top seed: Houston (29-2 overall, 16-2 in the league).

NCAA tournament outlook: Houston, Cincinnati and Central Florida look like locks. Temple may have punched its ticket by winning six of its last seven. Everyone else needs to win the tourney.

Sleeper: Wichita State. A team loaded with newcomers lurched out to a 1-6 conference start, then won nine of its last 11.

Most intriguing early round matchup: A potential 4-5 UCF-Memphis game in the quarterfinals Friday.

Boss of the sidelines: Kelvin Sampson (Houston) and Gregg Marshall (Wichita) have been to the Final Four. But Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin has the longest active streak of NCAA tourney appearances — this year will be his ninth.

Minutes pick: Wichita State (22) . The Shockers will have to make shots, which is no sure thing, but they’ll guard and board and make life difficult for anyone assigned to eliminate them.

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UCONN up by double digits so far with 6 minutes left in the half.

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And less than 2 minutes later it’s an 18 point game. USF looks awful; definitely regressed as the season went on.

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39-26 UCONN at the half.

UCONN hit 9 3-pointers, most of them were wide open.

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I’ve got UConn as our first opponent tomorrow. I also think Wichita is a sleeper and I actually have them upsetting Temple in the quarterfinals.

My ultra sleeper, though, is Memphis. While it will be considered an ‘upset,’ I don’t see them having problems with UCF. The Tigers took them down pretty easily when they last met in this arena and I just think playing at home is going to give them a huge edge against everybody. I’m not saying Memphis is gonna win this thing, but everyone needs to be on high alert as Memphis can certainly catch a little lightning in a bottle and run the table playing in front of their home folks. Granted, four games in four days is exhausting, but adrenaline has a way of carrying you if the home crowd becomes a factor. While these are not their big brother’s Memphis Tigers, I’m concerned the home crowd is gonna be able to bring it. So, stay tuned.

As far as the Coogs, I still see them winning it all, but doing so is going to be a tall order and one that will, no doubt, prepare them for next week – especially if they have to play Memphis in a virtual road game and then Cincinnati in the finals. I just think this is a special team that rarely gets rattled, and will thrive on the competition (even if it gets stiff) and won’t get caught looking ahead.

Winning this tourney is gonna say a lot more about this team than what we already know.


This is an honest question. This week is presumably spring break for Memphis (correct me if I’m wrong), which means a ton of students will be MIA, and Memphis’ first 2 games (assuming they beat Tulane) will be played in the early afternoon on weekdays. How much of a home crowd can they expect under this scenario? It will be a different animal for the last 2 games if they make it that far, since those will be on the weekend. But I’m thinking the home crowd may not be fantastic for that Friday matchup with UCF.

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There’s not that much else to do in that city.

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Wichita State could be interesting if they get on a roll. That side of the bracket is pretty wide-open in my opinion and all it takes is a couple of hot performances and you’re in the final. I actually like Temple to make it to the Final though. Their guards are very good and they’ve got some good wins on their resume. Think they see this as their last chance at an NCAA berth and get past Cincy in the semis.

I think the Coogs make it on the other side. I think UCF squeaks by Memphis, but are gassed against the Coogs.

Coogs then win the season series over Temple in the final.