AAC Tournament Bracket

(Patrick) #61

70-63 UCONN with about 2 minutes to go. USF on an 8-0 run to get it sort of close.

Hoping the Huskies pull this out. We match up much better with them and we won’t have to deal with the physicality of USF.

(Albert) #62

Uconn played us really close tho. I would rather play USF at least we blew them out once.

(Eric) #63

USF making it interesting.


Dang! Got off a conference call and a once 18 point lead was down to 5!

Having Jalen Adams back is HUGE for UConn. Going to be fun watching Corey and Galen guard him tomorrow.

(Patrick) #65

We get UCONN.

USF lost 7 of their last 8 with their only win coming against Tulane. Funny that I saw some (not anyone here) surprised that Gregory didn’t win Coach of the Year.

(Dan) #66

I thought Gregory was going to win it too a month ago if USF hadn’t had a rough end to the season and made the NIT.

(Thomas) #67

If not the Coogs, I am thinking either Memphis or Temple.

(Dan) #68

Tulane up 5-2 Memphis better watch it. Bwahahaha yeah right.


10-6 now. Tulane came to play!


(Dan) #70

Better call timeout Penny middle school is about to bring it.

(Dan) #71

Good crowd on hand for the Tigers.


And just that quickly, this game is over. 50-34 Memphis with 1:33 left in the half.

(Dan) #73

You think Dawkins started prepping for Memphis on Monday? Well we don’t know who our opponent is going to be. Um, OK.


Memphis if they beat UCF will be playing against us in their 3rd game in 3 days. I know they have young legs but that takes a toll of players especially against a good defensive team like outs.

(Eric) #75

Not prepping for Tulane is how you end up only beating them by 10

(Jason) #76

Temple has played well down the stretch, as has Wichita, and that side of the bracket is probably a little more wide open for those not named Cincinnati. I just think the Bearcats are gonna figure out a way to get back to the final.

(Grant) #77

Tulane is clawing back in there…

And now they can’t hit a layup haha.


Memphis fans do fill the arena and they are loud.


UCF opens as a -2 favorite over Memphis.

If I were betting, I would definitely avoid this game.


So was Cincinnati.