AAC Tournament Bracket


memphis did beat them by 20 last time in memphis


One of the announcers during the ECU/WSU game is currently arguing that Nate Hinton should have been freshman of the year.

(Randy Randel) #84

I certainly wouldn’t trade him for any other freshman in the league


looks like 2nd market tickets on stubhub are very cheap, for anyone who want to make the drive to memphis for the last 2

and if they are these prices, i hope we can have a large contingent go to forthworth next year

(Eric) #86

Cheering for Memphis here


We play the winner of ucf-memphis?

(Russel ) #88

UCF looks kinda flustered…

(Roy McAvoy) #89


(Butch) #90

Neither would I…he is going to be a stud here. He works hard, plays hard and has a very high basketball IQ…but the best thing I like about him is that he is coachable and seems to be a really good kid with high character. If I were a betting man I don’t think we will have Hinton more than three years…he is that good…

(Roy McAvoy) #91

(Jimmy Morris) #92

This is the biggest frustration with having a team hosting the tourney instead of being a neutral site game. If UCF loses this, it will be considered a neutral site loss, not a road loss. That makes the difference between a quadrant I loss and a quadrant 2 loss and could very easily drop them in the ncaa seeding.

(Patrick) #94

No, it’ll count as a road loss. Memphis is designated as the home team for the tourney since it’s their home court. If you look at Tulane’s Sheet, they were given an Away loss for yesterday’s loss.

(Jimmy Morris) #95

OK Good to know. Yesterday it was showing as a neutral site loss. They must have corrected it since then.

(Dan) #96

I’m fine either way. Memphis at home at least they’re more of a normal team. Fall makes UCF awkward and unlike other teams we will be playing.

(Cougarpad) #97

This does not look like the UCF team that snapped our home winning streak. Memphis is playing well if this holds up. Going to have to bring the A game and swarm them on defense.

(Butch) #98

I don’t fear Memphis but I am afraid of home cooking and them getting hot. Personally I would love a chance to avenge our only loss…


i want memphis

playing ucf again does nothing for us unless we meet them in the tournament…they are so unique

our league is offensive inept, memphis is the only aac team, not us with fire power…memphis at home will more prepare us for the tourney

(Cougarpad) #100

The home advantage is what worries me with the history we have with AAC officials.

(Cougarpad) #101

I feel like if you play good defense on Memphis they can be shut down. They don’t really run an offense and seem to be more of flashy pickup ball. They certainly should not out hustle the Coogs. I will add the Coogs certainly did not let the Cincy fans get to them last week. We seem to thrive in a hostile environment. So I don’t see why the Memphis crowd will be any different.

(Roy McAvoy) #103

If Memphis holds, that arena tomorrow will be a hornets nest. Memphis bball fans don’t need much.