AAC Tourney - Friday

(Patrick) #21

1:05 left and Wichita State leads by 6.

(Marcus) #22

What time will our game start? I’m assuming they will have to clear the court and what about warmups?

(Patrick) #23

Probably at least 30-40 minutes after the end of this one.

(Marcus) #24

Ugh. This reminds me of the Minute Maid fiasco start times last week. That was brutal waiting an hour and a half for the start of the games.


rockets need to get it together

(Patrick) #26

Wichita State holds on to win 89-81

(Patrick) #27

Within 5

(Patrick) #28

I was wrong, 20 minute break before they play. Should start about 8:30


off topic but damn i cant wait for football

super excited for the spring game

(Patrick) #30

Oh yeah…same. Really want to see how the offense looks

(Brad) #31

Football talk on the basketball board is akin to salsa made in New York City.

(Marcus) #32

Or BBQ in Brooklyn


Ric Flair Woo Birds out in force at the San Diego State/Nevada game. Jeesh…Nevada…30+ point losses deserve to have your assumed bid retracted.

(Patrick) #34

Game-winning shot for Memphis is at 3:15 of the next video. Amazing