AAC Tourney -Thursday

(Patrick) #1

So much for UCONN.


Ollie’s last game?


Sad to see how far they’ve fallen. National championships in 2014 to losing seasons back to back. Maybe a change in coaches would be best for them.

(Brad) #4

Tubby to UConn. (not really going to happen, they’ll shoot higher than Tubby)


No U Conn played like they played us. Which is to say tough. Whoever gets them in the next round is going to get a tough game.

(Brad) #6

Now, what now?


Memphis beats USF 79-77.

(Patrick) #8

Memphis has to be happy that they don’t have to see USF again. Only team that’s beaten them in the last 7 games and took them to the limit today.


Middle Tennessee State hosing things up already.

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If Kevin Ollie is gone Danny Hurley from RI is the goal but he will have multiple options including Pitt. Some expensive vets coaches who ran huge programs available but are they past their expiration date?

(gpropes) #11

ECU is within a couple of UCF, halfway through the second half.

(Matt Jackson) #12

Just to give the other women’s teams a chance, I’d love to see Geno Auriemma take the men’s job lol. He is an awesome coach. It would be cool to see how we would do in a more competitive environment.

(Patrick) #13

(Patrick) #14