AAC vs SEC Team Challenge in January 2020

(Ben) #21

Bottom 4 SEC is better than most of our OOC schedule.

(Dan) #22

I hope we can get a sponsor and a logo so it becomes a real challenge not just a scheduling agreement.


Kentucky has played us home and home before. We beat them 84 - 69 at UH and lost 77 - 70 in Kentucky under Penders…

(mm2234) #24

I would love to see an AAC-Big East challenge


I’d rather AAC vs ACC… call it the Dyslexic Awareness Challenge or something. Huuuuge potential. :sunglasses:

(jim) #26

I like it. Never back away from a challenge. With a Sampson as HC I like our chances against any of those pretenders.


South Carolina (79 NET) and A&M (80 NET) on the road this past year would have been quad 2 and very close to quad 1. Some years the 11th and 12th place SEC teams might be quad 1 games on the road.

This scheduling arrangement isn’t a homerun or anything, but better than nothing. Maybe like a hit by pitch.

(Jimmy Morris) #28

Kinda feels like a no win situation if it’s top 4 AAC vs bottom 4 SEC. We win, we should have, we lose, it looks bad. Unless the SEC teams improve, they are even Quad 2 on the road. Quad 3 games at home. Where as for the SEC teams, if the AAC teams don’t get much worse, they are getting a Quad 1 game home and road.

For this to be a fair deal, it shouldn’t be the AAC top 4. It should be the AAC 7 through 10.


Our top 4 should be a lot better than the SEC bottom 4 for sure. In terms of competitive balance this would make a lot more sense in football.

Nonetheless, it seems silly if we have the opportunity for a borderline Q1/Q2 road game or to have a team with some name recognition come to our place to give it to South Florida instead of taking it ourselves.


Bear46337828474 is often as pleasant as a toad peeing on your fingers on an otherwise pleasant spring day, but he’s not altogether wrong in this instance. Play Vandy/A&M, or A&m corpus/Houston Baptist?

The setup is what is disrespectful.
SEC: Hey can our worst teams play your best teams? Btw just playing our scraps is doing you a solid.
AAC: umm yeah sounds good. Thank you for recognizing we exist.

If Aresco had cajones from Texas and not Rhode Island he’d tell them to go chew alabama mud.

But in theory Bear13648283 ain’t wrong.

(Jimmy Morris) #31

His theory has as much depth as a character in terribly written movie. While it’s better to play A&M than playing A&M Corpus, scheduling one doesn’t mean we don’t schedule the other. Plus in Bear’s world, the worst of a big conference is still better than the best of an average conference. So if you gave him the choice of us playing Vandy and Cal or Utah State and Saint Louis, he would choose Vandy and Cal.

Playing A&M instead of Northwestern State, that is a net positive (pun intended) playing A&M instead of Utah State, not so much.

(Jimmy Morris) #32

Only Missouri was a borderline Q2 road game. A&M and Georgia were middle of Q2 road games. Vanderbilt solidly in Q3 road games. As for home, all four teams would add to our Q3 schedule.

Name recognition can be overrated. Playing a team like Georgia in basketball is like playing a team like Kansas in football. The names have recognition but not for the sport you are playing them in.


Bear46337828474 is often as pleasant as a toad peeing on your fingers on an otherwise pleasant spring day,



A&M finished #80, 5 spots from Q1 on the road and 27 spots ahead of St. Louis. Georgia finished 8 spots behind St. Louis.


Another thing: If their worst lose to us, it is considered a “Quality Loss”…Oh, the SEC is playing smart and we are biting at the bait…


Our top 4 will destroy the SEC bottom 4. The SEC is not the ACC, big 12, or the big east.

(Dan) #37

I think the SEC goes box office rather than the 4 top teams. Due to geography, Penny, hype, and history Memphis would be their first choice. Then pick 3 between us, UCONN, Cincy, and Wichita. SMU and the Floridas would have to be tournament teams for a little bit before being considered.

Since it’s home and homes in January the southern schools like us have an advantage of being picked. I just think the SEC feels like they’re throwing us a bone and will be completely in charge of this. We are fortunate they agreed to home and homes.

They could play dirty and choose the name schools that are relatively down currently. We enjoy beating UCONN right now why wouldn’t they?


They want to raise the profile of their conference. Let their bottom four play ours… And our top play theirs… Bet they say no…


Yeah, that was when they had Billy Gillespie. Under the last few coaches though, no way.


This might be the only way to get A&M to play us.

SEC AAC scheduling agreement