AAC Week 12 (and other action)

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Tulsa hanging in there on USF Senior night.
USF 24 Tulsa 17 at the 1/2.

(Patrick) #3


Any team that has a run defense with half a pulse, will be able to stay in the game with USF. They are extremely one dimensional and its showing.

(David) #5

Tulsa with 1 AAC win and 2 wins overall (UH and ULL). Ugh. What could have been if Memphis loses to SMU this weekend. I almost want Memphis to win since I don’t see Memphis losing to both SMU and ECU to open the door for UH to win the West and I would rather have a stronger Memphis to help the West image.

The UCF - Memphis rematch in the AAC Championship should be a good one (assuming UCF handles its business against Temple and USF).

(Patrick) #6

I don’t see them beating UCF in Orlando next week. Probably for the best for the conference at this point.


I think UCF beats them by 20.


USF needs to start losing if they are going to be on TV with five people watching in the stands.



(Patrick) #10

Interesting scores early in the AAC:

UCF just scored, to make it 7-3 with 1:55 left in the 1st against Temple

SMU leads Memphis 10-7 with 3:44 left in the 1st

ECU leads Cincy 14-0 with 1:42 left in the 1st

(Patrick) #12

Memphis breaking it open. Lead 24-10 in the 2nd quarter.

UCF starting to pull away as well. Up 21-10


ECU up 21-6 on Cincy


SMU has no defense

(Patrick) #16

Memphis can’t shake SMU. 31-24 at the half.

(CoogNation_14) #17

Good game so far. No defense through the half, but this will be a fun one to watch. SMU - Memphis

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WVU v Bonghorns-
WVU QB destroys his finger diving toward endzone,
Looked like it was smashed with a hammer.

(Patrick) #19

WV just got a pick-6, but still down 14-7 in the 3rd.

Miami down 28-14 to Virginia in the 3rd.

(Tom) #20

SMU defense is terrible.


Refs at Memphis are being paid to make sure another AAC team drops from the rankings.

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On Fox.Mich QB Peters gets nailed. The cart is out.

John O Korn next up when MIch gets ball back.

He was pretty awful in 4 starts before benching. He could make it all go away in a brawl at Wisco.